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Two Kinds of Model Kit and Figure Collectors (based on their attitude)

We have two kinds of model kit and figure collectors if we are going to base it on their attitudes. Brand aside, there are those who are HAPPY and PASSIONATE, and we also those that are COMPETITIVE and TOO PROUD… So which one are you? Hope this shines some light to some jerks in the community who unknowingly step on the hopes of the incoming (newbie) collectors.



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GPH Crew – Partially Back from Hiatus & Stuff

Everyone knows that the posts from this blog has suddenly stopped about a few months ago. Well that is because we went on a hiatus. I guess every one needs a little bit of a time off for themselves. Also, there came a point that politics in toy collecting already affected us. Shame, because you get crucified in spite your wish to help others. Anyhow! Now we are partially back everyone!! By PARTIAL, we mean that we will not be as active as before but would try our best to post updates. We have quite a busy schedule outside the community and to be frank, choosing between the blog and our work, we will choose the latter since our work feeds our hobby and also supports the maintenance cost of this blog (web hosting wise). It is not easy to run a blog, it is time consuming and you get criticized a lot… But heck! It makes us happy to share to the community especially that we know it helps others.



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GunPla & Figures: Considered Toy Or NOT?

This has been a hot debate for quite some time now. In our hobby which is collecting stuff, we always get ridiculed for buying collectibles referred by most people as TOYS. The usual defense mechanism or response that we say is that what we collect are SCALE MODELS or perhaps ADULT COLLECTIBLES and not some cheap toys meant for children 10 yrs old and below. But I wonder what one thinks to stop them from thinking if their collection should be classified as toys? Well, the ANSWER IS SUBJECTIVE and is influenced by CULTURE and SELF EGO. But generally speaking, people, we are buying and collecting TOYS! Yes! Stop frowning, they are!



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No DSL Connection… 6 Days & Counting…*sigh*

It is the 6th day that we have no DSL connection… *Sigh* We are using Globe Broadband’s service and for some reason, they cannot solve the problem on the cabinet level… Today they are supposed to visit our house. I just hope that they do arrive… I have the whole day to wait for them. I am connected now using the 3G on my phone. Thank God that somehow, I can use the 3G even though it is very very very slow…. It happened a few days after we upgraded to their 2mbps service… Sometimes I wonder if that is the cause…



Online Private Sellers – Obliged To Pay Taxes Says BIR

Well this is some really STUPID news… Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) plans to come after small time online private sellers which normally advertise their goods at sites such as,, e-bay Philippines,, and They would require those sites to be registered with the BIR. My only question is… will these actions do us any good? There are a lot of stupid laws being passed recently… People are waiting for something that makes sense… Not for something that will benefit only a few undeserving people.


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Collecting Gundam Model Kits Is Supposed To Be Fun

Collecting and building Gundam Model Kits is meant to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of that person’s AGE and PURPOSE. It should not be limited by certain stereotypes…

It just makes me sad to hear that a lot of people are treating the hobby as if it was a career. Some people think that other collectors who do not modify their kits, do not paint their kits or even do not panel line their kits are inferior to them or think it is not the right way to collect Gunpla. Its like a smaller version of congress if you know what I mean.

Why is that? Since when do we have a STANDARD about collecting Gundam model kits and toys???


Funny Gundam Pictures Wave 1 (13)


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Dome Studio For Toy Photography

I just bought this Dome Studio the other day and I would like to share to you what it does and how it helps you when taking pictures of your gundams, figures and other stuff which basically fits inside the tent-like dome studio. I was planning to make a DIY lightbox but I found out that I do not have time to do so. So this dome studio fits us people with busy schedules. Also this is easy to store and is pretty portable just like bringing an umbrella. No need to brain storm on how to make a portable light box anymore. Its basically an out of the box solution if you have the budget to spare.

Dome Studio for Toy Photography (3)

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New Table To Help In Building Gundam Kits

Just want to share to you people out there looking for a suitable table to work on your Gunpla. We found this plastic table with folding legs at ACE hardware. It’s dimensions are 2 feet wide and 4 feet long. Not only that it looks tough and feels solid, it can also be used outdoors. It is priced at 1899 pesos, price is really competitive if you compare it with others out there. They also have it in 6 feet by 2.5 feet variants. You will see at the end of this post the old table we were using to build Gunpla. The old one was very small compared to the new one we have now. Hope this information helps! ^_^

gundamph new work space (table)



gundamph new work space (table)


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GBWC Philippines 2011 | Official Winners | Contest Results

Bankee has released the official list of winners from the recently concluded Philippine leg of the Gundam Builders World Cup (GBWC). This year’s contest was full of promising participants and the awesome and cool entries in that event proved so. Anyway, GundamPH wants to say CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners. We were not able to personally witness the event, but felt like we did through friends’ videos and photos. So win or lose, we hope that everybody had FUN participating!


Winners are as follows:

Open Category – Michael T. Costa

Junior Category – Eliezer B. Quirong

New Challenger Open Category – Allezander A. Dela Rueda

New Challenger Junior Category – Stephen Hilario

Special Category – Simon Peter G. Palma

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A Small Rant About Website Branding and Etiquette

Just this morning, I was surprised to see someone post a promotion of their website on our Facebook page. I had to rub my eyes because I thought I read the text as “Gundam Philippines Coming Soon…“. But upon looking at it again, it read “Gunpla Philippines Coming Soon…“. My only reaction was, WTF? Not only that, he had a domain that was named GunplaPH… Someone made a website sounding similar or synonymous to GUNDAMPH (another WTF???). I don’t own any special rights to the name GUNDAM PHILIPPINES, but it was just unethical/rude posting a website like that on the FB wall whose name sounds like GUNDAMPH and creating a website domain with almost the same meaning. ^_^

I commented on that post and told him nicely that it was not the right place to promote and to put himself in our shoes so he could feel what we felt. Then a few moments later, the post was removed by him… (yeah, you wouldn’t see it now)


Bloody Pirate!

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