Online Private Sellers – Obliged To Pay Taxes Says BIR

Well this is some really STUPID news… Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) plans to come after small time online private sellers which normally advertise their goods at sites such as,, e-bay Philippines,, and They would require those sites to be registered with the BIR. My only question is… will these actions do us any good? There are a lot of stupid laws being passed recently… People are waiting for something that makes sense… Not for something that will benefit only a few undeserving people.


How does this affect us as Toy Collectors?

There is a chance that the private sellers that we know will probably stop selling or perhaps increase their prices. Less options for us.



How does this affect us as an individual?
I sometimes sell some of my personal stuff on the sites mentioned above especially when there is an immediate need for money in the family. I sell them at a cheap price so they can be sold fast. Now, if they really implement this, then expect a deduction of around 12-15% on the money you are expecting. So the tendency is you increase your price. And I think you will need to provide a receipt that needs to go through a “third party system” that BIR plans to implement. Sheez, third party my ass…



Why is this BIR plan STUPID?

The answer is simple… Because our government is full of “crap” and corruption… (yuh crap..can’t use the “S” word and graft does not fit how I feel).  They can’t even catch the big time tax evaders. Now they are preying on the small time sellers who make little of what they sell online. Prices of goods soar like crazy here in the Philippines while the salary of the people remains the same. Everyone knows that, so people resort to online selling to get extra money. Or perhaps these people can’t get any decent job at all and resort to online selling as a way to make a living. Better than stealing IMHO.  I hate the the government because I pay my taxes monthly yet I do not see any nice improvements in my country… The road I go through everyday going to the office is still full of holes…What about the tax money I pay? That’s about 30% of my salary you corrupt fools!


Why is the Government corrupt?

One example we have can be traced back to our experience at the customs office wherein we payed 1500 pesos for something that costs only 400 pesos and for reasons that the damn people at the Pasay Customs office cannot explain… There is also one example of how inconsistent these people are as posted by someone on Facebook months ago – click here to read



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