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What Really Happened In Russia | WZC Buster Shot

They said it was a meteor that fell down in Russia… But I think it was just Heero Yuy blasting some secret government facility with his Wing Zero Custom Gundam hahaha! Just for laughs guys! On a serious note, is this a prelude to the coming of the apocalypse? Are aliens coming? Japan, better make sure that 1:1 scale RX-78-2 is working fine! ^_^



SAKO Gundam Cosplay (Zaku Parody)

This is for fun only. ZAKU sounds like SAKO in tagalog (native Filipino language). “Sako” for us mean “sack”. So basically you should get the pun! hahah! Anyway, I took the photo of the cardboard gundam cosplayer and placed the sack on top. I know it is corny haha, but just let this bored guy do what he wants hahaha! Enjoy!



Typical Dilemma Of A Gundam Collector

I think many people can relate to this dilemma…  Its already the time of the year wherein product release dates are overlapping. It applies to almost all toy lines or companies that I know of. I personally am a muli-line collector (not only gundam kits but I collect anything that catches my interest) so I really feel sad that I only can choose to order a few of them due to budget limitations. In the next 3 months, wallets of Otaku, Gunpla and other types of collectors out there will be empty. Everyone is already saving up money to be able to pay their pre-orders. Haha!



Funny: Must Buy Gunpla! (are you a gundam addict?)

There is a joke in the Gunpla communityOnce you get hooked into Gunpla, there is no stopping it… You may do a hiatus for a while but eventually you will come back. The Gunpla love bite stays forever in your blood stream! hahaha. The meme below happens in the first few months LOL when you simply can’t resist the urge to buy a new kit.. Haha, Bandai sure made a nice drug for us hobbyists



Funny: Kio Asuno Doing The Erupting Burning Finger Move

Haha, I was watching Gundam AGE Episode 47 and can’t help but notice this scene… It reminds me of Domon Kasshu doing the erupting burning finger move hahaha! Well, I did not say it is a rip-off, but you know Bandai/Sunrise, they love to reference a lot of stuff from old Gundam series. And it seems that this one is a tribute as well to God Gundam as done by the Gundam AGE-FX (or Domon to Kio). Share the photo if you like haha!




this is the true erupting burning finger!

Zaku Gundam Style Music Video | Screencaps

After the viral craze of the RX-78-2  Gundam Style  full music video parody, now comes another version. But this time, it is a short clip featuring Zaku Units… and there are lots of Zaku Mobile Suit dancing like humans in this video. Well the video is only about 36 seconds, but it was fun to watch nevertheless. For more information about the original Gangnam Style song, kindly refer to the link posted above.

Zaku Gundam Style Music Video  Screencaps (10)

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Kamen Rider Or Super Sentai Gundam???

This is a funny picture I found somewhere… Are those Kamen Riders? (or perhaps Super Sentai?) Anyway, they look like Guncannon, RX-78-2 and Guntank respectively. I never did imagined that Gundam themed colors will suit human suits just fine. If you add more information about this photo, please do leave a comment. Thanks for reading! ^__^


Kamen Rider Gundam

HG BearGuy Avengers Theme | Custom Build

Haha, we all know bear guy Gundam is sooo cute. Now its nice to see our fave cutie Gundam to be dressed or custom-built like the members of the Avengers namely Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man. I’ve seen a lot lately due to the release of the Avengers movie. But this set here is nice. Hope to get more pictures from the modeler himself. Presenting (names I made up myself) Thorguy! HulkGuy! CapGuy! and IronGuy! hahah!


HG BearGuy Avengers Custom Build (1)


ok, tony guy… you get to have a solo picture!

HG BearGuy Avengers Custom Build (2)


src: gundamguy

G-Gundam Marriage (Rain and Domon)

Just saw this picture from the internet. I was really wondering what will happen to the main characters of G-Gundam after I finished watching the show. In the last part of the movie, Domon finally realized that he loves Rain. Oh yeah, we got here a typical love story in the midst of dragonball-like chaos hahaha! The whole crew is in the picture… mostly haha

G gundam raine domon marriage