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Gunpla Terms and Acronyms by Admin Christian of GPH

Thanks to my friend Christian for compiling this document. Posting it here so people not members of the GundamPH Facebook Group can read it as well… Will be updating this one on a need only basis… Hope our friends starting out in Gunpla will find the TERMINOLOGIES and ACRONYMS posted here to be useful.


tamiya airbrush and colors

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Beginner’s Guide to Gundam Painting by Arashi1118

Hi guys! I know most of you have lots and lots of question about how to paint your Gundams. The terminologies and some other stuff related to painting can be quite confusing. But fortunately, one of our members, namely Arashi1118 is lending us his knowledge on how to do some of these stuff. Try to check our his link on our forum, he is building a guide to paiting, much like a course starting from basics. The topic will be constantly updated so stay tuned 🙂


Bosny Spray Paints

Black Light (Glowing Effect) For Gundams & Toys

Today we purchased what we commonly refer to as BLACK LIGHT or UV LIGHT. It will be used to enhance by giving artificial glowing effect to the Gundam and/or Toys when we are taking pictures for the review. We purchased the fluorescent type black light since it is the most effective variant and also it was the smallest one available. You can BUY it from Handyman at Robinsons Galleria. We bought it together with a Fluorescent Fixture. It costs around 600+ all in all. We had fun testing all the beam sabers and wing effects of the built Gundams that we have. It seemed to work for some plastic materials and does nothing to others. Anyway, you will see it from the pictures below.

Black Light (Neon Effect) For Gundams - GundamPH (28)

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Basic Toy Photography Setup | Guide | Tutorial

First of all, I am NOT a PRO photographer. I just love photography and I love toys. This tutorial is based on what setup we are using to take the pictures of the Toys and Gundams you see on this blog. We are sharing this Basic Toy Photography Setup Guide / Tutorial to prove that even though you are using only a cellphone camera, you can have pictures that are nice to look at. Ever since this blog was established up until last month, all the pictures taken here came from a cellphone camera. Only last month did we acquire a DSLR camera since we think that we had abused the cellphone’s camera too much because it was already having a hard time focusing on subjects haha! ^_^ I hope you learn something from this post.

Basic Toy Photography Setup Tutorial (1)

Basic Toy Photography Setup Tutorial (1)

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Buying Gunpla From Hong Kong | SD Wing Gundam Commemorative Edition

After our first HK ordering experience with, we decided to give ordering stuff from Hong Kong another try. This time we ordered an SD Wing Gundam Commemorative Edition from an EBAY store called “GundamProShop“. We bought it for $10.49 and paid $9.99 for the AIR MAIL shipping to the Philippines. The auction ended last September 5, 2011. We were able to send payment the same day using a credit card. According to the stamp on the package, the item was sent last September 15, 2011. Now, the funny and sad part is that we waited 3 MONTHS (almost) for this package to arrive *SIGH*. The claim card from Quezon city post office arrived just last week (December 1, 2011) with the note “URGENT”. I think perhaps the kit arrived here in the Philippines mid of November. And as usual, it took them 15 days to deliver us the claim card. LOL again at the 3 months waiting time.


Below are pictures of the package that we thought we’d never see ^_^

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Where to Buy 0%, Installment Gundam Model Kits in Philippines

I am creating this post for the benefit of our fellow Gundam collectors who likes to purchase model kits using their credit cards. I only know two places to buy Gundam kits and be able to pay them in an installment or deferred fashion. First is Toy Kingdom owned by SM and the second one is Toys R’ Us owned by Robinsons (only in the department store section). I think all major credit cards are acceptable and payable in 6 months. Only the amount that can be deferred differs. I will try to share my experience about them since some of the time there are kits in these two places whose prices are comparable to the toys stores in Greenhills  and some private sellers



Toy Kingdom

If you are going to buy at TK, you need to at least purchase 5000 pesos before the installment options becomes available to you. You are not limited to Gundam kits only, you can mixed your Gundam kits with other toys are well. As long as after the discounts and promos, the total sum will be equal or greater to 5000 pesos.

You can purchase them at any TK stores or TK shops located within the SM Department store.



Toys R’ Us

Here you need to purchase an accumulate amount of 3000 pesos. Same as above, all discounts and promos much already been excluded and you can mixed any toys.

*IMPORTANT* — The only catch is that you need to purchase them at TRU shops located within the Robinsons Department store. This is something I was able to confirm when I bought the kit below. I have been eyeing the kit below on the main store on Robinson Galleria… I asked 10 times already and they said there is no installment scheme available (I hope someone else can prove me wrong on this one). But when I saw it on the Robinsons Department store (also on Galleria), I was able to buy it on installment basis.

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Gundam Sellers / Stores / Shops In The Philippines | Where to Buy?

I think this will help a lot of people especially those starting in Gunpla. This post is a simple list to know where to buy Gundam kits here in the Philippines. Listed below are some of the popular private sellers and hobby stores and shops wherein you can go visit or inquire about Gundam kits. We also included the links to their respective Facebook pages and websites. Feel free to ask some basic questions, but as much as possible, try to ask them first because most of the time they have a FAQ section posted

I will update this whenever I can ^_^

sensitive noise / obvious 2

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Ordering From Samuel Decal | First Hand Experience | FAQ | How To

Finally our decals from samuel decal have arrive! It took quite a while though haha! A lot of people are asking questions regarding That is why we would like to share to everyone our first hand experience in the hope that it may help others. For those of you who do not know, they customize and sell Gundam decals. They are based on Hong Kong and have been around for quite some time now.


I was really curious about their product so I tried to buy a few decals myself to see how the mail goes from Hong Kong to Philippines 🙂


This is the package/mail that I got 🙂

Ordering Experience from Samuel Decal  (1)

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How to Remove Nubmark (Sprue-Mark) Tutorial | Gundam Building 101

How to remove or clean nubmarks (a.k.a sprue marks) properly has been a problem that has bugged everyone who has (and ever will) build a Gundam kit. How do you get rid of those ugly nubs on your Gundam’s armor?  Your friendly neighborhood Spiderbeef is here again, this time to share with you some nubmark removal tricks that I’ve learned over eight months of Gunpla building.

NUB MARK alert!  Below is a nub mark! (Of course you know what that is right?)

Nub Mark Removal by Progressive Sanding (15)

There are 3 ways to do this, depending on the tools available to you so we could remove those pesky nub marks like the one above.  Grrrr!

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How to Make Cheap Sanding Sponges and Sticks (Like 3M)

We have here a tutorial on how to create our very own sanding sponges and sanding sticks which functions like their very expensive 3M brand counterpart. This guide is very useful for us Gundam hobbyists since this method is cheaper and we can save a lot of our money. Meaning more savings for buying our favorite Gundam kits instead. Haha!  You will learn to create the sample below after reading this post. Inspired by some of our friends (papa Ed and papa Polo of GM) who did the same. From them, to us, then to you guys!  Enjoy!


How To Make Cheap Sanding Sponges and Sticks (24)

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