Where to Buy 0%, Installment Gundam Model Kits in Philippines

I am creating this post for the benefit of our fellow Gundam collectors who likes to purchase model kits using their credit cards. I only know two places to buy Gundam kits and be able to pay them in an installment or deferred fashion. First is Toy Kingdom owned by SM and the second one is Toys R’ Us owned by Robinsons (only in the department store section). I think all major credit cards are acceptable and payable in 6 months. Only the amount that can be deferred differs. I will try to share my experience about them since some of the time there are kits in these two places whose prices are comparable to the toys stores in Greenhills  and some private sellers



Toy Kingdom

If you are going to buy at TK, you need to at least purchase 5000 pesos before the installment options becomes available to you. You are not limited to Gundam kits only, you can mixed your Gundam kits with other toys are well. As long as after the discounts and promos, the total sum will be equal or greater to 5000 pesos.

You can purchase them at any TK stores or TK shops located within the SM Department store.



Toys R’ Us

Here you need to purchase an accumulate amount of 3000 pesos. Same as above, all discounts and promos much already been excluded and you can mixed any toys.

*IMPORTANT* — The only catch is that you need to purchase them at TRU shops located within the Robinsons Department store. This is something I was able to confirm when I bought the kit below. I have been eyeing the kit below on the main store on Robinson Galleria… I asked 10 times already and they said there is no installment scheme available (I hope someone else can prove me wrong on this one). But when I saw it on the Robinsons Department store (also on Galleria), I was able to buy it on installment basis.


an EXPO edition MG Destiny (Heine Westenfluss Custom) which I bought from Toys R’ Us Shop located within the Robinsons Galleria Department Store  the other day.


Where to Buy Zero Percent Deferred Installment 6 Months to Pay Gundam Model Kits in Philippines (1)

Where to Buy Zero Percent Deferred Installment 6 Months to Pay Gundam Model Kits in Philippines (3)


As you can see this one is priced at 3699.75. Not bad for a limited edition kit huh? I only see this lately on several Toys R’ Us branches.  I have checked stocks at Toy Kingdom branches but I couldn’t find any.

Anyway, since this is not on sale (which they never ever will), the price remains the same. I chose to pay it in 6 months.

3699.75 divided by 6 is equal to 616.625

that is 617 php per month for six months

Where to Buy Zero Percent Deferred Installment 6 Months to Pay Gundam Model Kits in Philippines (2)




Hope this information helps!


If you know other stores like this please let us know! ^_^




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  1. sir sana mabasa mo..uhmm panu mo itoo babayaran through installments? by credit card ba? well im not knowledgeable about credit cards and stuff so d ko tlgaalam kung papaano ito…sana ma2lungam


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