Additional Tools For Building Gundam

A simple price guide and pictures of my new tools. I was at SM Megamall earlier to buy some enamel paints for panel washing my Gundams (because I really wanted to try that technique) but ended up buying a LOT MORE! Anyway, while everyone else was enjoying the last day of the Megamall 3 day sale, I was at the hobby shop purchasing additional tools for our beloved hobby!

Anyway if you want you can check out the first post I did about some of my tools – click here . It may help you if you are starting as well on this hobby.

Here are the items I bought.


Tamiya Design Knife ( I already have an exacto knife but I needed an extra one so I tried this one instead)
298 pesos



Plastic Scriber – for cutting plastic/acrylic boards and adding lines to Gundam Armor
250 pesos



Handy Craft Saw – as the name implies 🙂
258 pesos



Pin Vise – for drilling holes – includes 3 small sized drill bits
198 pesos
*there is a tamiya brand but it has no drill bit included and costs more!



Decal Tray – Trumpeter brand
120 pesos
*helps a lot when applying water slide decals



Erasing Shield – I will use this as guide when adding lines to armor
25 pesos average



Cutting Mat – Acura brand
117 pesos



Foldable Magazine File Box – made of carton
18 pesos



Tamiya – Regular and Extra Thin Cement + Paint Retarder
Regular cement – 120 pesos
Thin cement – 170 pesos
Retarder – 180 pesos



Tamiya Acrylic:
Sky Blue – 100 pesos
Flat Aluminum – 75 pesos
Chrome Silver – 75 pesos
Flat White – 75 pesos

Flat Base – 75 pesos



Tamiya Enamel – Dark Grey and Flat Black
75 each – for panel washing. Should be mixed with lighter fluid and surface of materials should be smooth.



Also I bought this pirated copy of Gundam 00 at St. Francis for 120 pesos 3 DVDs already. I haven’t watched the series yet. So I guess its time to know my PG Raiser that will come this July.



42 thoughts on “Additional Tools For Building Gundam”

  1. Yeah! Same here! I went there to buy initially a side-cutter since I got the cheap one (from Alexan too). And just like you I ended up buying more. Hahaha. I bought the tamiya side-cutter, angled tweezers, fine point gundam marker(gray), & acrylic paints (copper & gold leaf). Since i saw your recent purchases I might go back there tomorrow to buy the decal tray & eraser shield.

    Btw, I have a couple of questions..
    – purpose of the regular cement, thin cement, retarder?
    – plastic scriber is it really useful? this one is used to add more line details?
    – foldable magazine box?
    – gundam markers is it really good? i haven’t tried one.. i believe brush is better. what’s your take on this one?


    1. gundam markers are great, especially if you’re more engineer than artist (i handle pen-type implements better than i do brush-types). i use them primarily for highlighting small areas like the eyes and leg/arm pistons. can’t go wrong with the bb sangokuden marker set (the metallic ones) 🙂


  2. When doing panel lining Sir, what do you use to apply the paint between the lines? Paint brush? Toothpick? haha. Thanks! 🙂


    1. toothpick is a good choice. drop it on one end then let the capillary action do the rest. The remove the excess with cotton buds. I am not an expert yet myself since most of the time I use the gundam markers (0.5 grey)


      1. ah ok thanks.. and dvd format po ba yan? puro po anime dun with lots of title to choose? gusto ko rin po bumili ung mg high quality video para masarap panuorin sa HD TV heheh


  3. magkano po ba ang surface primer/paint primer sa lil’s. medyo natutunaw yung plastic using bosny primer sa tamiya scale model nung tinesting ko sa spare plastic trees.


  4. anong pintura po pwede gamitin sa hand painting ng gunpla… bago lng po kasi ako sa gunpla-ing salamat po ng marami..


    1. tried the tamiya acrylics. ok nman but you need the paint retarder para to slow the drying time. also you can try vallejo, gw citadel paints. these are used for miniature painting. you can purchase them sa deovir, neutral grounds store respectively.


  5. sir where did you bought those tools ? is there an online store where can I purchase them ? pinoy din ako haha mahal kasi mga nakita kong tools eh ang lalaki ng patong tamiya design knife for 600 pesos


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