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MG Zeta Karaba White Unicorn Amateur Painted Build

Just want to share to you guys our MG Zeta Karaba Assault Use Prototype a.k.a White Unicorn of the Zeta series and piloted by Amuro Ray. This is an amateur painted build (you would even see some nub marks haha) It is not perfectly done, but still, you will be able to see how a painted Zeta Karaba will look like along with panel lines and most decals applied. This kit was already finished months ago, but we always fail to take photos of it. It already gathered some dust which I just brushed off before taking the photos. In my opinion, this kit really needs to be panel lined because it looks dull without it. Also, you will appreciate this kit ONLY after you applied the pink decals haha!

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MG EX-S Gundam Custom Painted

Today I was able to get my hands on a pre-owned MG EX-S Gundam which is already custom painted. The MG EX-S Gundam is one of the Gundams in my list, though I never really imagined I will get a pre-owned one because I wanted to experience the so-called Nightmare of EX-S. But it is hard to let this opportunity pass me by. Kit was previously owned by a buddy in the GMAC group (thanks TAM!). Anyway, for you guys who have not seen the kit, I took the liberty to take some photos. What a good month June is for me, it is raining GUNPLA for me…


The EX-S now has a faded purple color. Other colors were faded as well to match the scheme. The backpack was originally black/grey, now it is a mix of  faded purple and white which turned out nice. I loved the metallic red colors!


Here are the photos.


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1/100 HG 00 Raiser (with LED) | Photo

Just want to share with you guys one of the kits that was unfortunate to be a guinea pig in my attempt to learn spray painting. Pinag-praktisan ika nga… Sorry HG 00 Raiser, nag aaral pa ako noong 2010. Gusto ko rin ma-perfect ang model kit painting. But still, eto trying hard pa rin… Actually inis ako dyan kasi nasira ko yan, lumuluha ung pintura kasi mali approach ko in painting.

Hinabol ko na lang ng sand paper at exacto knife… My cheapest kit during that time (4th or 5th one, can’t remember)  kaya siya kinawawa ko haha… well hopefully mabili ko big brother niya… PG Raiser!!!


Blue is darker, gold was added to yellow. Some parts painted with Gundam marker… Base, darkened a bit….  Then gloss coat all over…

Shots taken using only iphone4 🙂 Wala na rin ako DSLR.

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