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Finally our decals from samuel decal have arrive! It took quite a while though haha! A lot of people are asking questions regarding SamuelDecal.com. That is why we would like to share to everyone our first hand experience in the hope that it may help others. For those of you who do not know samueldecal.com, they customize and sell Gundam decals. They are based on Hong Kong and have been around for quite some time now.


I was really curious about their product so I tried to buy a few decals myself to see how the mail goes from Hong Kong to Philippines 🙂


This is the package/mail that I got 🙂

Ordering Experience from Samuel Decal  (1)


Ordering Experience from Samuel Decal  (3)


I paid $3  for the shipping/postage cost. There were 2 options, either you choose Registered Air Mail or Registered Mail. Confusing right? But the one with the word “AIR” costs $3 and the one without was only $1… I paid the more expensive one to be sure 🙂

Ordering Experience from Samuel Decal  (4)


It took me more than a month of waiting before I finally got the mail. The mail was sent August 9, 2011. But I was only able to receive the claim card last September 9, 2011 which was a Friday, so I needed to wait for September 12, 2011 which was a Monday to get the MAIL.

Normally, the waiting time should have been 2-3 weeks. However, it came to my attention as seen on the picture below that the mail arrived at the Quezon City post office August 15, 2011. So because somebody from the QC post office got lazy, I needed to wait 2 more weeks before my CLAIM CARD was sent to my address (it was addressed to our office 🙂 ) with only less than 5 days allowance to pickup the item (because they only give 1 month deadline to pick up the item)


Ordering Experience from Samuel Decal  (5)


Well here are the contents of the package 🙂

The decals are taped unto a cardboard and wrapped inside another envelope.

Ordering Experience from Samuel Decal  (6)


I bought 4 sets of decals namely

-Lacus Clyne Alive Set
-1/48 RX-78-2  Original Colors Set
-1/48 RX-78-2 Real Type Colors Set
-1/144 Meteor Unit Set

Ordering Experience from Samuel Decal  (7)


Looking at the decals I must say that they did a good job. The decals are sharp and clean. Colors are vibrant and quality seems top notch. But I will know more once I dip it in water and use them at my kits, but that will be for later. 🙂

Ordering Experience from Samuel Decal  (8)

Ordering Experience from Samuel Decal  (9)

Ordering Experience from Samuel Decal  (10)


I also heard that the grey stickers of Samuel are colored silver, and that you need to top coat the decal to make it look Grey.  I wish to personally see it myself but unfortunately there is no Grey color on the  decals I bought 😦




Some Samuel Decal FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How to order from samueldecal?

You need to send him an email at “samuel@samueldecal.com”. Using this email you can inquire for the availability and shipping costs of the items.


How much to ship from Hongkong to Philippines?

Mine was a choice between $3 and $1 dollars


What methods of payment are available?

Paypal (“order@samueldecal.com”) and Western Union


How long will the item be delivered?

2-3 weeks (optimal)


Is the quality good?

So far so good 🙂


How are the items shipped? 

-By mail
decals are taped unto cardboards and wrapped in another envelope 🙂







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