Bootleg Gundam: Dragon Momoko Taiwan vs TT Hongli China

Recently there is ruckus about this KNOCK OFF / BOOTLEG Gundam Deathscythe EW made by a company named “Dragon Momoko“. It appears that this company is from Taiwan. And rumors says that Dragon Momoko is a subsidiary of Bandai with the goal to eliminate the TT HONGLI knockoff in the Gunpla world. So in short, this is a fight of knock-offs! I wonder what will be the outcome of this…


**** Just to be clear, we do not support bootleg kits in general. ****


Dragon Momoko Brand Gundams from Taiwan (6)

I have here the pictures of the so-called Gundam Deathscythe EW of Dragon Momoko and I would say that they are indeed better than TT Hongli‘s MG version in general (nope TTH does not have this DS EW version).

Somebody who claims to already have built the kit says that the quality is better than TTH brand and that articulation, panel lines and frame are about 99%  Bandai-like. Nothing mentioned about the decals though…


Anyway, here are the pictures for your references… Let us just hope this is indeed BANDAI’s solution to the bootleg problem


Let us know what you think…..


Dragon Momoko Brand Gundams from Taiwan (1)

Dragon Momoko Brand Gundams from Taiwan (2)

Dragon Momoko Brand Gundams from Taiwan (7)

Dragon Momoko Brand Gundams from Taiwan (3)

Dragon Momoko Brand Gundams from Taiwan (4)

Dragon Momoko Brand Gundams from Taiwan (5)

Dragon Momoko Brand Gundams from Taiwan (6)


75 thoughts on “Bootleg Gundam: Dragon Momoko Taiwan vs TT Hongli China”

    1. haha I will try it too if my budget permits… but usually bootlegs are priced at 1k – 1.5k so adding a few more bucks can give you a Bandai DS EW for 1.8k the cheapest… If only they were priced below 1k….


  1. looking accurate doesnt mean that it is made or its parent company is bandai, remember, when tt hongli first came out, it also sparked the same idea by many, that idea is just another excuse for bandai elitists in buying these chinese goods like the MC hinu brand.


    1. owned/handled by bandai or not, this is still bootleg.. and they are pricey if you ask me… better to stick with original bandai products. But we cannot deny the fact that this Taiwanese version is nicely done. Besides, rumors will be rumors unless proven… 


      1. no they’re not pricey as you think it is. now i will tell you that you could buy those bootlegs from 350-1k. still cheaper than bandai at 1,700-16k. but these price range depends on the scale of gundam. i have 5 gundams and i bought it for 2,600. better think about it and see for yourself 🙂


  2. this is not impossible nowadays. dont based on both company ends. technology is very flexible to everyone! this means many manufacturer of plastic making machines is flexible to sell to everyone and specially these machine is capable to remold plastics as close with other gunpla products. its like “if you want to make cars we have machines that can create cars, if you want to create a book we also a machine for it, you to make gundam we also have that kind of machine.”

    for the issue of this DM brand is the alter company of “B brand”, this is a very dangerous move, if it is true. why? let us assume that the rumors is true “”B brand” has an alter ego of DM to bust the TTH”

    since most of here said it  has a good quality they will prefer to buy this DM brand (Dragon Momoko). granted they successfully bust out the TTH still B brand will loose because people will look for the DM instead of the B brand. and if the strategy is to pull out the DM to get back the market from the B brand this is impossible because TTH is still in the market.

    in market industry it is difficult if you are loosing to the ranking in the market but still you are in the market.


      1. this might be possible since here in the Philippines, SD Gundam kits (like red frame astray) are given away at a so-called Gundam Caravan. This SD kits are rumored to be the defective batch or rejects from bandai. It has no box, only the manual and the runner in one plastic. Now this time instead of giving them free, they might make money out of it..

        Perhaps there is a possibility about your idea…

        Thanks for sharing bro!


  3. Bandai can solve the bootleg problem by not giving a f*ck. Loyal customers of Bandai will always prefer the quality of the original over the shoddiness of a knock off. Also buyers of TT Hongli will not necessarily start buying Bandai if TT Hongli gets shut down. 


    1. Though Dragon Momoko and Model Comprehend are knock-off brands, their products have much more features and detail that attract customers. Although the plastic is cheap, to professional Gunpla builders paint and putty will solve everything. Most importantly, its cheap. T.T You might be saying that your loyal to Bandai, but once you see these products, I bet you’ll buy one too.


  4. If Bandai would start a store here in Manila, it will be a good investment for them considering the number of enthusiasts and the number of units they buy.


      1. As long as we have Gtoys, Wasabi Toys, and other hobby shops in Greenhills there won’t be any problem. 🙂


    1. meron na po sa 168, nagkalat na. nsa P1k to P900 po price. i purchased one to try it for myself. the plastic is great! the built and assembly is very similar to bandai. i just have a problem on the head part where you attach the yellow vents on its cheek. it’s very fragile! and the vents keep on popping out. i just glued it there instead. and there are some minor problems like the parts keep on sticking out. halata tuloy ung seamlines s ibang part. but overall, SULIT ka dito. for that price range, sulit ka na talaga. in my opinion, if a hongli gunpla came 85-90% like bandai, this dragon momoko is 90-98% same quality like bandai.

      P.S. ung decals di ko pa nata-try ilagay. pero ung nakalagay sa “OPERATION METEOR” is “OPERRTION METEOT”. hehe, lahat ng letter “A” dun ay “R”. that’s all… then ‘di included yung figure ni Duo Maxwell (both standing and sitting).


  5. So in order to beat the bootlegs, Bandai tries to out-bootleg the bootlegs? Right. There’s a simple solution to this. Price their kits cheaper.


      1. Seriously, Gunpla as hobby isn’t that expensive. I would gladly invest a legit MG kit worth 2k-4k.


  6. built the hell version… what can I say… bang for the buck!! will definitely buy the EW one =) 

    the only problem is the pilot is missing but I don’t mind hehe


  7. I got TT& Gaogao PG Wing & strike Freedom. DO Not Apply leveling Thinner (even to remove the paint). The Plastic broke to several parts & fall of. No doubt TT got the mold similar (90%) to original. But The Plastic especially the inner frame. R suck. Why don’t TT IMprove More On plastice (it OK for me to pay a liitle more), Or Can Bandai adjust the Price? A Box of TT from CHina (MG) Gundam only cost u US 5.00. I willing to pay for US 10.00 if the Plastic not fragile & can 90% compare to Bandai. (^ o^)/. Btw, TT still got the market (especially China). The Original too hot for touch.


  8. Bandai cannot lower their prices as low as TT or DM.  Bandai spends a big chunk of their budget to develop / license / produce anime to advertise their kits while the bootlegs just wait and copy. 


  9. Meron na bang Gundam AGE 1 Normal na TTHongli or Dragon Momoka? Meron ako na HG na Bandai pero nadurog yung backpart ng kapatid ko, arrgh. Haha. Tinry ko nang i-fix gamit ang putty and paint,. and I realized,…I sucked. 
    Anyway, I just need the spare parts. Any suggestions? Comments? Thanks in advance.


    1. Sir sorry kung late, opo, sa dragon momoko, di ko lang po alam yung tt hongli, may hg at mg po, kaka bili ko lang po nung hg age 1 spallow pero meron din normal at titus dun 168 or greenhills best bet mo para makabili


  10. i have been a collector ever since i watched Gundam Wing. i mostly have bandai’s but since i hated it so much when bandai releases versions of one unit in different gears [e.g. Gundam 00, 00 Seven Swords, Condenser Type, etc….] so when i saw this knock offs i tried buying and getting equipments only,

    well the plastic isn’t really good and parts doesn’t really fits exactly.

    well some things i experienced

    TT Hongli:
    -some parts doesn’t really fit
    -some part color are wrong
    -small parts lacks details

    -00 series is the only thing i like, destiny series sucks.

    Dragon Momoko [i bought one out of curiousity, and it’s really cheap 320php for a mastergrade wherein some TT hongli mg’s cost 1000php]

    -some parts are loose
    -some parts doesn’t fit
    -miniature pilot figure missing


    1. even though this is 2 months late… yes those are authentic kits… and I assure you that anything with a Bandai seal at the box is authentic..


  11. mga adik kau,nerds…..pero san nga ba makakabili nito gusto ko itry guys itry nyu ung unicorn gundam OVA na bandai aztiginin saka supr duper da best 😀


  12. just sharing..i have bought and assembled bootlegs (trial units for custom painting) if i were to rank them, Best and almost Bandai Quality is Dragon Momoko, even the decals are very detailed, plastic quality is good and does not feel cheap when you handle them and btw, even the packaging of DM is very close to the original, no cheap photocopy knock off, its printed very clearly and on good quality paper. Next is Daban, i would say details is average, minimum decals and plastic is a step lower in quality with DM. TT Hong Li, really feels cheap, that is how i would describe it. Plastic feels very cheap, breaks off easily, and very little decals.


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