Backlogs — So Many Gundam, So Little Time

Our Gundams have really piled up, more commonly referred to as BACKLOG. Been busy at work lately (not to mentioned Facebook browsing and network games) that we hardly finish one Gundam kit a week. Well our record recently is one Gundam kit built in 2-3 weeks hahaha… Maybe because lately we do not rush building. We really take time to clean the nubs, detail parts if possible and enjoy the build. Unlike when we started that we can build one PG Gundam in 10 hours. LOL That was really fast because we did not really care about the NUBS that much… As if all that matters is we finish it ASAP haha…  Now things have changed. I guess every Gunpla Builder goes by this stage. 🙂

I always separate the boxes of built kits and unbuilt kits. Previously they were piled up in one place that is why it became confusing which ones are we going to build next.


Some of our backlogs… Recognize any kits that you have?

back log gundam ph

3 PG kits are waiting for me… Maybe this Christmas I can build them if I am able to buy another display cabinet.

back log gundam ph


Even my airbrushing plans are delayed… haha I have not even opened  the last batch of paints I bought. Hope to start my titanium SD Nightingale project soon 🙂




13 thoughts on “Backlogs — So Many Gundam, So Little Time”

  1. donate some of it to us.. rest assured they will be built in no time.

    I’m sure the other guys will agree with me. heheheheheh…


      1. Sayang… gawin nyo na yung 00 Raiser 😀 mali ata ako, GM ata nakikita ko, kala ko Sword Impulse sorry hehe.


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