Funny: Must Buy Gunpla! (are you a gundam addict?)

There is a joke in the Gunpla communityOnce you get hooked into Gunpla, there is no stopping it… You may do a hiatus for a while but eventually you will come back. The Gunpla love bite stays forever in your blood stream! hahaha. The meme below happens in the first few months LOL when you simply can’t resist the urge to buy a new kit.. Haha, Bandai sure made a nice drug for us hobbyists




7 thoughts on “Funny: Must Buy Gunpla! (are you a gundam addict?)”

  1. Hahahahaha! You’re right bro! Specially if you have extra cash you saved to buy other things… like gadgets. Then if you pass by a hobby store……BHAMMM!! All of a sudden…your carrying a plastic bag with a box of Gunpla inside.. hehehehehe!!


  2. I admit I have a backlog of unopened plastics =( I must find something to blame…… it’s the fault of the nicely illustrated box arts and the ease of online shopping!


    1. Me too bro…hahahahaha, I have backlog… co’z I have other hobbies too, maybe I’ll decide to drop a few of them… 🙂


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