Two Kinds of Model Kit and Figure Collectors (based on their attitude)

We have two kinds of model kit and figure collectors if we are going to base it on their attitudes. Brand aside, there are those who are HAPPY and PASSIONATE, and we also those that are COMPETITIVE and TOO PROUD… So which one are you? Hope this shines some light to some jerks in the community who unknowingly step on the hopes of the incoming (newbie) collectors.






Collectors who really enjoy the hobby. They enjoy buying the stuff because of the happiness it brings to own them. Oftentimes they are very eager to share their knowledge and experiences to co-collectors who are most likely walking down the same path. Seeing other collectors finally getting the stuff they were looking for makes them happy. They are sincere and very open-minded individuals who love to share a laugh.





They think collecting is a contest. They love to look down on others who cannot afford the hobby, as if they are not on their level. They do not really love the hobby, but they do love the attention. They cannot take criticism lightly. Talking with them might end up in an argument especially if the topic is against their beliefs. Sharing is mainly bragging rights for them. They would not even share info or tips to help other collectors. If you meet them personally, they don’t usually have a friendly aura. They love to make jokes at the expense of others

3 thoughts on “Two Kinds of Model Kit and Figure Collectors (based on their attitude)”

  1. Thumbs up for the nice observation.. Usually, figure collectors have the mentally of the latter part..

    Would like to re-post this on my blog sir 🙂


  2. Was once browsing for an EVA-01 at STC Sta Cruz with the owner personally attending to the customers. I asked if the loose gashas can be sold individually because “I collect EVA-01s.”

    The response, “Kapag di mo kayang bilhin lahat wag ka na mag-kolekta.”

    That was the last time I bought anything from STC.


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