GPH Crew – Partially Back from Hiatus & Stuff

Everyone knows that the posts from this blog has suddenly stopped about a few months ago. Well that is because we went on a hiatus. I guess every one needs a little bit of a time off for themselves. Also, there came a point that politics in toy collecting already affected us. Shame, because you get crucified in spite your wish to help others. Anyhow! Now we are partially back everyone!! By PARTIAL, we mean that we will not be as active as before but would try our best to post updates. We have quite a busy schedule outside the community and to be frank, choosing between the blog and our work, we will choose the latter since our work feeds our hobby and also supports the maintenance cost of this blog (web hosting wise). It is not easy to run a blog, it is time consuming and you get criticized a lot… But heck! It makes us happy to share to the community especially that we know it helps others.





Also on a side note… We as collectors are already so exposed to other lines of toys as well. So do not be surprised to see so many NON-GUNDAM posts in the future. We started of as Gundam Collectors and now we are into other lines as well such as Hot Toys, One Piece and other ANIME figures. Hopefully, I could transform Gundam Philippines into an ALL TOY LINE BLOG. It will be something like “started with Gundam… ended with other Toys…” — It is only natural to try other things.


Thanks for the continued support!  Hoping to keep the spirit of this blog alive!




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