Collecting Gundam Model Kits Is Supposed To Be Fun

Collecting and building Gundam Model Kits is meant to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of that person’s AGE and PURPOSE. It should not be limited by certain stereotypes…

It just makes me sad to hear that a lot of people are treating the hobby as if it was a career. Some people think that other collectors who do not modify their kits, do not paint their kits or even do not panel line their kits are inferior to them or think it is not the right way to collect Gunpla. Its like a smaller version of congress if you know what I mean.

Why is that? Since when do we have a STANDARD about collecting Gundam model kits and toys???


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I often hear this statement… “Gunpla is not for kids” — their reason… because it is expensive…
It is almost always related to people getting angry when their precious Gundam is called a TOY… Let’s face it guys, its a model kit and a toy at the same time… deal with it! If you take this into mind, then there is no more need for a senseless argument or confrontation. (many will react to this, but reality bites)
The hobby is meant for all ages. That is why you have MANY grades of kits and many types of Gundam figures.
Some of you were very lucky to have experienced building Gundam kits back when you where YOUNG.





the purpose of a person when collecting Gundam model kits varies. This is VERY SUBJECTIVE and changes from time to time depending on financial, social and personal reasons…

So no one should dare criticize another person just because they collect in a different manner.

1.Some people admire the hobby, but do not buy them
2.Some just like them built out of the box (whether they build it themselves or buy it from others)
3.Some people are already happy even only some of their kits are built and the rest are stacked in their room untouched.
4.Some paint and modify their kits right away… They are happy that they have customized their kits.
5.Some buy it because they love Gundams and they love photography, what a nice combination indeed. Making the kits come to life in pictures drives them.
6.Some only have a few because they are collecting other toys as well
7.some people hunt only the rare ones – it is like a treasure hunting experience for them.
10. <insert your own reason here>


I remember reading somewhere, a guy saying that those who collect gunpla without modifying it are useless. He was implying modifications were necessary. Otherwise, your collection sucks. — That was just wrong… so wrong… why generalize the hobby?


Bottom line is why do we think like that? IMHO, one should be happy that another collector is happy, right? And both of them must be happy because of the same reason which is GUNDAM.


I think most will agree to this — Often, in a group, members bash each other behind their backs because of these different ideas. Remember that most often than not, there is a stereotype in that group that is shared among the members. You will be shocked to know what other members think or talk about you when you are not around LOL (though that will be hard to find out)


Also, when it comes to SKILLS, not everyone is blessed with an excellent crafting ability. Some people take time and lots of practice to get it smooth. Also some people don’t really care about the nubs or the panel lines, their happiness comes from seeing the kit built and standing in front of them. Again take note of the purpose, there are lots of possible reason why people have their kits like that. Some tried modification, but gave up and decided it was not for them.


Gunpla collecting has become a promising hobby for many pinoys. But does the crab mentality aspect need to show as well? Do we need to have a “I am better than you in Gundam collecting” ideology? or perhaps “this is the correct way to collect Gundam!”… I think that is not necessary.


Gunpla communities are meant to spread the Gundam love and make friends. Enjoy the stuff shared by everyone, what ever form it may be.


Next time somebody shares their huge collection, don’t like the post and say “ang yabang naman nito” at the back of your mind (wag plastic haha). Be happy and hope that one day you will get the same count on your collection.


and Kudos to the bloggers who has topics related to Gundam… Documenting the contents and WIP of your kits were great contributions to the Gunpla community. It only proves that even though you don’t get a penny from your efforts, being able to share them to others and knowing it helped them somehow is enough reason to continue writing more…


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17 thoughts on “Collecting Gundam Model Kits Is Supposed To Be Fun”

  1. Very nice post sir 🙂 I am a collector #4 🙂 I would love to customize my kit right away 😉 I have my 1st kit HG Aile but I already want to paint it 🙂 The truth is that I already started it and still trying to save money for more bosny paints 😀


  2. I started this hobby since I was 10. I am 24 now and had only started panel lining a year ago, painting minor parts and top coating it only recently. I will say that this is a hobby to suit different individual requirements and to achieve each person’s level of satisfaction. If everything was to be dictated to be designed or built only in a single manner or style, it wouldn’t have come in different grades and manufactured in runners. Ultimately, as long as you are happy with what you have built, you have already achieved something…. 


  3. I agree with you Naleoning. If you bought a kit even it is original or bootleg…the bottom line is your HAPPY collecting them…and having and finding friends who collects Gundams is also important to me.


    1. thanks lifeforce… sharing and making friends… I was able to know you guys through gundam in the first place… and I would hate to lose that just because of nonsense stereotypes…


  4. Bravo sir naleoning! you nailed every point in this topic…i just hope that everyone will just be happy in sharing their hobby to anyone who wish to get involved…having standards in collecting figures,toys,model kits etc. is not the right approach to treat anyone’s interest i mean, each of us has it’s own mode of collecting such things……me personally, i don’t paint my gundam kits nor modify them. having it built by me & sitting it in my shelf completes my satisfaction in this hobby. & sharing it to my family,friends,relatives,to you guys makes my hobby experience even sweeter……………  


  5. I have PG strike freedom, PG red frame, 2 MG sinanju, 2 MG unicorn, 2 MG red frame, 2 MG blue frame, MG wing custom, MG wing, MG deathscythe, everything still in mint condition in the box. only build and painted the sinanju. I’m happy way I collect gundams. Buy 2 of the same gundam at the same time build one keep one. 😉


    1. I used to do that also City_wok, buying two toys…one to play and one to keep, especially when they are on sale hehehehe! But not anymore when I got married.  I have also two friends who buy kits but they don’t paint it, after they build it then put on display…they told me..painting kits takes a lot of time and skills….and I respect that.


  6. Wow nice post. Agree with all the points. I guess I’m collector number 3. Just happy building some of my gunpla and just having the kit makes me happy. I have two kits now: the 1/144 dark matter exia and 1/100 MG Exia. The latter I’m just happy to have and still untouched. 🙂 more power to you sir! 🙂


  7. couldn’t agree more! btw, active pa po ba ang site na to? ngayon ko lang kasi nadiscover, collector din ako hehe


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