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Buy PG 00 Raiser or Wait for MG? Help Me Decide

Hi guys… I am planning to buy a PG Double O Raiser Kit but I really can not make my mind if I should buy it this coming June or just wait for the MG version?

Sabi nila under-detailed daw? But I saw one during toy con and it seems nice. Hmmm kamusta kaya ung lalabas na MG version?

PG version is 12500 with 2 way action base included…

PG or MG? buy or wait? waaaah!


pic src: net

PG Raiser


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TT Hongli Original Designed SD Model Kits | Three Kingdoms

I assume everybody knows about one of Bandai’s Gundam knockoff version branded TT Hongli or Gao Gao. This is just one brand of the many knockoffs around.

Last I heard they got sued by Bandai for piracy. So that is why they built their own designs instead. Like Tamiya versus Auldey hehe.

Hopefully I can build them by next week.

Models are:

  • Liu Bei
  • Guan Yu
  • Zhang Fei
  • Lu Bu
  • Chi Tu Ma (Lu Bu’s Red Horse)


  1. Some will argue that names like Liu Bei is a registered trademark. No they’re not as they are reference to Three Kingdoms in Ancient China.
  2. looks like Sangokuden SD kits.
  3. May need paint job
  4. Manuals look like calendar posters.


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MC SD Nightingale OOTB Review

I decided to do a straight build of this Model Comprehend (MC) SD Nightingale gundam kit the following day after getting it (you can check out the other MC gundam here) … It was really a big SD gundam kit… Again this is not TT Hongli.. Model Comprehend is the brand… resin kits that were mass produced… Will be doing some paint job on it but that will be when I have the time… medyo busy pa kasi ngayon with work and some other hobbies.

MC Model Comprehend SD Nightingale

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SD Sinanju OOTB Review

I built the kit 3 days ago, around 10pm and finished 12 midnight. So what you will see is the  SD Sinanju with no customization, I did not even  paint the gold lines on black, they are stickers only. I only painted the gold lines on red (which is not perfect if you will look closely on the picture)

Anyway, I was so into building it that I forgot to take pictures. Pasensya, excited… hehe.

Without further waiting… I present to you SD Sinanju built straight from the box.

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Get Free Gundam Whether You Win or Lose! | April 2011

Ozinefest will be having a contest on building Gundam model kits this coming APRIL 8 – 10, 2011 at SM Megatrade 2 and 3. The good thing is for those who registers and participates in the contest, you get to take home your Gundam whether you win or lose… sounds tempting diba? FREE GUNDAM!

Sana mga ganyan din pamigay nila noh? pero most likely small kits eto… pero who cares? hahaha.. free!…….

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