SD Sinanju OOTB Review

I built the kit 3 days ago, around 10pm and finished 12 midnight. So what you will see is the  SD Sinanju with no customization, I did not even  paint the gold lines on black, they are stickers only. I only painted the gold lines on red (which is not perfect if you will look closely on the picture)

Anyway, I was so into building it that I forgot to take pictures. Pasensya, excited… hehe.

Without further waiting… I present to you SD Sinanju built straight from the box.

Building SD Sinanju 4

Building SD Sinanju 1

Building SD Sinanju 2

Building SD Sinanju 3


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ang ganda nya!

7 thoughts on “SD Sinanju OOTB Review”

  1. good day sir. been looking for this but can’t seem to find one.. saan nyo po  ba nabili to n how much? thanks…


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