Model Comprehend Gundam Model Kits

Finally got my hands on 2 of these Model Comprehend a.k.a MC Gundams. I just heard about them a couple of days back and because they seem so good that I decided to get one for myself… Without further ado, eto na silang 2. MC Nu Gundam 1/144 and MC SD Nightingale

Model Comprehend Nightingale and NU

To check more pics of my RX-93 Nu Gundam go here…

MC Nu Gundam 144 (3)


To check more about MC SD Nightingle go here…

MC SD Nightingale (2)



Update!!! (April 16,2011) – I got the MC Hi-Nu Gundoom already… A gift from my dear GF.

More pics of RX-93-2 Hi Nu Gundoom

MC Hi Nu Gundoom Model Comprehend


Review of MC RX-93 Nu Gundoom Gundam

Review of MC RX-93-2 Hi-Nu Gundoom Gundam

Review of MC SD Nightingale




10 thoughts on “Model Comprehend Gundam Model Kits”

  1. San nakakabili ng model comprehend na gundam? please reply i miss building these. Magkano mga Master grade nila? THanks in advance!!!!

    So foar i’m doing research sa mga imitations. I found these brands:

    TT Hongli
    LW Dragon

    Which is better?


    1. TT hongli is better plus they have most of the popular MG kits.. Needs painting though.

      MC is a brand of their own, they have their own cast unlike TT Hongli that pirates Bandai’s kits. Think of MC brand as resin kits like G-System.

      LWD – Same as TT hongli only bad… heard that the pieces do not fit most of the time, parts are distorted and plastic is weak. But if have lots of patience, tamiya putty and plastic cement plus a little creativity… then by all  means get an LWD hahaha


      1.  Wow thanks!! I’ll definitely get TT Hongli. I found a seller along Shaw BLVD. He’s the cheapest I can find. It’s better to save money on the kits so I can spend extra for the paint.

        Sounds cool that MC has their own casting. Parang ung nabasa ko siguro na resin kits from Korea ung Neograde. I’ll visit your site often for updates! 🙂


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