Buy PG 00 Raiser or Wait for MG? Help Me Decide

Hi guys… I am planning to buy a PG Double O Raiser Kit but I really can not make my mind if I should buy it this coming June or just wait for the MG version?

Sabi nila under-detailed daw? But I saw one during toy con and it seems nice. Hmmm kamusta kaya ung lalabas na MG version?

PG version is 12500 with 2 way action base included…

PG or MG? buy or wait? waaaah!


pic src: net

PG Raiser


Box Art


4 thoughts on “Buy PG 00 Raiser or Wait for MG? Help Me Decide”

  1. for me para mas tipid mas prefer ko yung MG 00 Raiser its the same lang nman price lng ang nag kaiba. for display lng nman eh, (just my own opinion) ^_^


  2. for me kung me budget ka and u really love 00 Raiser u should by PG na. I heard its one of the best PG ever made, ang drawback lang e posability but with the action base matinotino na rin ang poses sobrang bigat ngalang pag nakalagay na 0 Raiser me tendency na maglean sya backwards. da best ang LED nya with rotating effect.


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