New Haul: 1/144 Devil Gundam (1st box) & Mr Hobby Char’s Red Bottle Paint

Our package from Ninong’s Gundam Shop have arrived earlier this evening. Inside were our first box of 1/144 Devil Gundam and 1 bottle of Mr. Hobby Char’s Red Paint. I think everybody will agree that the 144 scale Devil Gundam is a rare find. But tell you what, during the past few weeks, a LOT, as in a lot of this Devil Gundam kits are sold on online shops and by private sellers. Because it was gone for so long that everybody wants one! Some who were able to get it early even made a bidding/auction system to sell it, but ended up losing the bidders because a lot of the kit is available elsewhere for the collectors to buy.


144 Devil Gundam

You can check out Ninong’s store in our forum section if you like… It took him 3 days only to get the Mr Hobby Char’s Red Bottle Paint that I requested. Sad because we wanted the MS Char’s Pink as well but it was out of stock. 🙂

Mr Hobby Char's Red Color


The package  – 100 pesos only to send the kit straight to our office

gundam package from Ninong's Toys




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