Gundam AGE-2 & AGE-3 Leaked Images?

Gundam Guy posted this pictures of what is supposedly leaked images of the evolutions AGE-2 and AGE-3 of the upcoming series Gundam AGE. Well I must say that I both like and disliked it. I liked it because the AGE-2 and AGE-3 Gundams are really awesome looking when compared to the AGE-1. But disliked it as well because it seems that a lot of designs were just taken from other Gundams (or is it just me?). The AGE-2 makes me think of WING Gundam and AGE-3 makes me think of EX-S Gundam haha…  Anyway, this leaked images as they claim makes me want to check out the series more. I am looking forward to this release of Bandai and hope that more awesome kits will come from this series!

Gundam AGE-2 & AGE-3 leaked images

Doesn’t Gundam AGE-1 remind you of Strike Gundam in anyway?

7 thoughts on “Gundam AGE-2 & AGE-3 Leaked Images?”

  1. For me the design have so much to do with the first 3 series of Gundam.
    the very simple look of age 1 might have been inspired by rx-78. Age-2 kinda reminds me of zeta w/ its transforming abilities  but it has a touch of 00. And the big bulky age-3 is kinda like ZZ with a bit ex-s touch to it.
    again this is just me 🙂


  2. just saw this at GG.
    anyways, Age-1 looks like RX78-2, Age-2 looks like Exia and Age-3 is of course, FAZZ!!!! but Kreysidog has a point, maybe it pays homage to the first 3 gundam series.


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