1/144 Devil Gundam (2nd box) and Next WIP Update

Got our 2nd box of 1/144 Devil Gundam today. You may ask why two kits? Well, we are going to build the first one, and then keep the 2nd box unbuilt. Spiderbeef (you know her right?) really loves the “G” Gundam and Wing Gundam series so much that is why when we had the chance to get this Devil Gundam, we decided to get one for each of us. After making this post I will start building the 1/144 Devil Gundam… To be followed by one of the PINK Bear Guys as soon as I finish. Looking forward to reviewing two rare kits consecutively.


Devil Twins

Devil gundam and Pink beargguy bear guy (2)

Pink Bear Twins

HG PINK Bearguy Limited EXPO Edition GPB (1)


Will be working only on 1 of each kit. 🙂

Devil gundam and Pink beargguy bear guy (1)

6 thoughts on “1/144 Devil Gundam (2nd box) and Next WIP Update”

      1. Oo nga, ako first din ako namulat sa Gundam G..tapos sumunod na lang mga iba….Naalala ko pa ka pangit pa ng mga kalaban tulad nung (if I’m not mistaken) MS na Wind Mill…hahahaha!!!


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