SD Freedom, Vintage Epyon and Gundam Pilot Figures

Since we were really into scouting old school kits lately, we tried to look for an old school Gundam Epyon… Luckily we found one at Toys R’ Us Robinsons Galleria. It was not on display. It was the only stock left and is in their storage. We also got an SD Strike Freedom to partner our SD Destiny. We also got some Gundam FIGURES. Yes, figures, but not of the Mecha, but the of the pilot. Also, we bought the remaining 2 haro haro coin banks.

here are some pictures. Sorry but I was too lazy to setup some lights…



Stuff we bought today

haul for the day

The old school Epyon 1/144

144 Epyon series 10  old school


Series 10 (we have 1-5 already)

144 Epyon series 10  old school side
SD Freedom

SD Strike Freedom front

SD Strike Freedom side


The Gundam pilots and 2 more HARO



2 Haro = 1 Lockon in height



Totem Haro!

totem haro


The more the merrier

3 haros


Lockon Stratos – Pilot of Dynames, Cherudim and Zabanya

2 haro and lockon stratos

haro and lockon stratos


Setsuna F Seiei – pilot of Exia, 00 Raiser and Qan[T]

setsuna f seiei 2

setsuna f seiei


Char Aznable – pilot of…. err…  too many to mention 🙂

char half figure 2


No right arm 😦 and half sized only…

char half figure



6 thoughts on “SD Freedom, Vintage Epyon and Gundam Pilot Figures”

  1. Hi! Itatanong ko lang kung sa Toys R Us  Robinsons Galleria mo rin ba nabili yung action figures ni Setsuna F. Seiei at Lockon Stratos? Matagal na kasi akong naghahanap ng mga figures na yan pero wala akong makita. Thanks!


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