My Haro Haro Coin Bank Toy

I have always liked Haro Haro… That is why me and my GF decided to get any kind of Haro Haro toy we could find. Well we found this Haro toy which is supposedly a coin bank at some Toy store at ETON Cyberpod, Ortigas Center (across Robinsons Galleria) . It is little, about 3.5 inches in diameter. It has its arms out and the flaps opened.

For those who do not know Haro, here is a little history:

The original Haro is a little robot companion built by the main character Amuro Ray. It is a testament to Amuro’s exceptional talent for machines. Haro’s features include a limited range of speech, and the ability to hover (in environments with atmosphere and low gravity) by flapping its appendage coverings. Haro can usually be found rolling behind Amuro’s next door neighbor Frau Bow



Here are the pictures:

Haro haro - A Gundam Toy

I panel lined it…

Haro haro - A Gundam Toy

Haro haro - A Gundam Toy


see the hole for inserting coins?

Haro haro - A Gundam Toy


This is what it looked like earlier without panel lines… Took the photo at my office table.

Haro haro - A Gundam Toy


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