New Kits: Metal Build, 1/60, HG, MG, Vintage and Rare SD!

I was really overwhelmed by the amount of NEW kits I have today… I spent most of the day going back and forth fetching Gundam kits. It was a bit tiring because I was at SM Megamall and SM Mall Of Asia plus a few more places. But the end result was satisfying… Below is a summary of what happened today:

1. I went to a friend to get some kits namely 5 HG, 4 MG and 1 1/60 non-PG. Went home because there were too many Gundams to carry around.
2. after that, I went to meet someone at SM MOA for a pre-owned Meteor Unit kit.
3. then, I went to my parents’ house to meet a family friend who traded his Metal build ZZ Gundam for my SOC Mazinger Z.
4. When I was able to get back home, I saw a post on the PGBC discussion about new kits at Toy Kingdom which drove me to immediately run to SM Megamall.

Here are some pictures of what I got for today…


4 HG, 4 MG and 1 1/60 non-PG

1/60 Exia,
MG Wing Zero Custom,
MG Wing,
MG Sinanju ver Ka,
MG Unicorn ver Ka,
HG Nataku,
HG Deathscythe Hell Custom,
HG Sandrock Custom
and HG Heavy Arms Custom

new kits

new kits 2


METAL BUILD ZZ Gundam AEUG multipurpose prototype transformable mobile suit

metal build zz gundam

metal build zz gundam 2

metal build zz gundam 3


The pre-owned Meteor Unit. It was too heavy with the beam rifle effects attached.

meteor unit gundam


Compare the size to my cat haha!

bieber cat


1/144 Meteor Unit compared to Mega size RX-78-2

meteor unit gundam size comparison

meteor unit gundam size comparison 2


These are the kits we bought for this week only…. I was already about to post them here on GundamPH when I learned about some new kits at Toy Kingdom SM Megamall…

all kits for the week


So we went there immediately and arrived 15mins before closing time… minus the running, escalator, walk… So we were only able to get SOME… yeah some… because there are a lot of old school kits we were not able to buy…


on the pics are:
old school RX-78-2
old school Gouf
SD V2 Gundam
SD Perfect Gundam
SD ZZ Mega Rider
SD Z-plus A1 type
and SD Musha Zeta Gundam
err… plus my cat?

additional kits


the last piece of V2 available… 🙂

SD v2 gundam

2 thoughts on “New Kits: Metal Build, 1/60, HG, MG, Vintage and Rare SD!”

  1. sir ask ko lang meron pa po ba kayo alam na pwede mabilihan ng HG h.arms custom 1/100 & hg nataku custom 1/100


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