Old School Kits Again from Toy Kingdom SM Megamall

I do not know how long will this Gundam sale end at Toy Kingdom SM Megamall, but man, it is driving my wallet crazy… We went there, AGAIN… this time to try and get the kits we were not able to get last night because they were almost closed when we got there. There were plenty left, and we did not get all of the remaining ones… We just took what we seemed to like and know.

I was also able to see an SD Char Counter Attack set which is only 800 pesos! wow, I bought mine 1 month ago for 2000 pesos (see post here). Geez, if only I have extra cash to burn… Finally my wallet gave up. I am still to collect more Gundams next week from Coldfire.

What a month this is…

Here’s our loot for the day!


12 kits and 1 decal

latest haul

Rick Dom

old school rick dom



old school zeong


Gun Tank and Z’Gok

old school gun tank and zgok


Char’s Zaku and Char’s Z’gok

old school char zaku and zgok


Gun Cannon and Zaku

old school gun cannon and zaku


HG Gaza C to team up with my Tieren Taozi which is also pink!

HG gaza c


Acguy and GM (mass produced version of RX-78)

old school acguy and GM



old school ball and decal


Char’s counter attack – Decal

char's counter attack decal

13 thoughts on “Old School Kits Again from Toy Kingdom SM Megamall”

  1. Hello again, if you happen to see the old kits on display again in TK store just shoot me an email on my account (lifeforce17@yahoo.com.ph) or reply here. Thanks in advance.


  2. Hi bro! I read a while ago that you went to TK yesterday, did you saw the old school Gundams on display again? Coz my friend will go there on monday or tuesday to buy some. I ask him to buy me too. lol!


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