New Haul: SDGO Toy Figure Rare Color Variations and Nerf Vortex Vigilon

Got some cool haul for the day. We have here 3 SD Gundam Online figures who are “rare color” variations. That is how Bandai calls it if you check on the backside of the box. You only get one rare color variation for each box shipment. Much like your Magic trading cards wherein you have one awesome booster pack out 50 packs. What we got were Trans-Am 00 Raiser, Aile Strike Rouge and RX-78-3 aka G3. We also bought our very first Nerf disc type blaster (vortex) called the Nerf Vortex Vigilon. Below are photos of the haul. Looking forward to review these items.



Jan 27 Haul for the day (1)



SDGO Strike Rouge Variation

Jan 27 Haul for the day (2)



SDGO Trans Am 00 Raiser Variation


Jan 27 Haul for the day (3)



SDGO RX-78-3 aka G3 variation


Jan 27 Haul for the day (5)




Nerf Vortex Vigilon


Jan 27 Haul for the day (4)








13 thoughts on “New Haul: SDGO Toy Figure Rare Color Variations and Nerf Vortex Vigilon”

      1. andun pa ung anime color na Altron… ung anime color na deathscythe at ung isang g3 na rx-78… :)) wala pang kumukuha kasi nakatago sa likod haha


  1. Hello, just want to ask, which is better for you: SD Gundam Online Figures or the SD Archive Series? 🙂 I like them both becuase they have legs, and somehow taller unlike conventional SD Figures. I have a hard time browsing for comparison review between SDGO and Archive series. Thanks! 🙂 Nice hauls by the way!


    1. the SDGO series is like the new version of the SD archive series. Archives are not produced anymore, so it means that those that you will find nowadays are considered a collector’s item. will try to make a comparison review of the archive and sdgo one of these days


      1. Oh i see. Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll just wait your comparison review for in-depth detail if you have the time. 🙂


  2. Hi! Thanks for this info. But, do you know what is the “Rare color variation” of the Wing Gundam Zero SDGO? Nice hauls btw. :))


      1. I’m confused po kasi eh. I managed to see both versions of this “pearl version”, but I actually do not know which is the rare one. Both have different finish but they seem to have this “pearl” accent. Hopefully you will also find one and help us know which is the rare and which is not. Thanks! 🙂


      2. Actually, I bought one at Greattoys. It is a different version from the ones found in SM Megamall (TK). Even so, I am still not sure which of the 2 is the “pearl” version. 🙂 Hey, if I found one again I’ll pm you asap!


      3. Hi there, I saw 2 different versions of SDGO WZC at Robinsons Ermita (Toys ‘R Us). You might want to check. I saw 1 stock of each version 🙂


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