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SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Flash Game

Just want to share this to you peepz. 🙂 I found this nice flash game called SD Gundam Capsule Fighter. It takes a couple of minutes to load but the game seems to be enjoyable. Try it! haha! I took the liberty to show some screenshots below for you to judge if you are going to play it. It is pretty straight forward, everything is mouse controlled. Just remember to click reload LOL. I was able to reach the final boss but I died before getting the screenshot that is why I leave that to you ^_^


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Bootleg Gundam: Dragon Momoko Taiwan vs TT Hongli China

Recently there is ruckus about this KNOCK OFF / BOOTLEG Gundam Deathscythe EW made by a company named “Dragon Momoko“. It appears that this company is from Taiwan. And rumors says that Dragon Momoko is a subsidiary of Bandai with the goal to eliminate the TT HONGLI knockoff in the Gunpla world. So in short, this is a fight of knock-offs! I wonder what will be the outcome of this…


**** Just to be clear, we do not support bootleg kits in general. ****


Dragon Momoko Brand Gundams from Taiwan (6)

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BB (SHIN) Sonshoko Gerbera Shipment Has Arrived

A few of us who wanted to have Brave Battle Warriors Sonshoko Gerbera and Shin Sonshoko Gerbera decided to combine resources and order online just to get the kit. It was so hard to find them kits here in the Philippines that is why we resorted to online purchase. One of us ordered and the rest of us just need to pay up. We saved a lot in shipping cost because all in all we bought 6 kits (3 of us have 2 SD kits). Now all that is left is to meet up. Can’t hardly wait. GF is gonna love this. 🙂


I wonder which one is the SHIN???

Brave Battle Warriors Sonshoko Gerbera and Shin Sonshoko Gerbera

thanks to my friend BZ-Bee….

Jumbo 1/35 Grade Zeta Size Comparison with PG and MG Versions

A friend of mine, Chabons, who is a big fan of Universal Century Gundams as well was able to acquire a 1/35 Jumbo Grade Zeta recently. I asked his permission to post the photos here so everyone can see the big difference in size. This information will help those who are planning to buy the Zeta kits as well… JUMBO is indeed the correct word because this thing is so big that a PG Zeta Gundam looked like a 1/100 version.

Here is a little description of the 1/35 Jumbo Grade Zeta

Bandai’s first fully transformable Jumbo Grade action figure can switch between its Mobile Suit and Wave Rider modes (transformation will require detaching and reattaching some of its parts). This humongous figure stands nearly twice the size of its Perfect Grade counterpart in Mobile Suit mode and weighs a hefty 4kg out of the box! Made of soft vinyl and ABS, Zeta Gundam is movable in at least its neck, shoulders, elbows, and knees, and comes with its signature beam rifle (assembly required).


twice the height of a PG Zeta indeed… around 2 feet.

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MG 00 Raiser Premium Medal | Bandai

I got here some pictures of my MG 00 Raiser Premium Medal. I am just not sure but I think this is a limited edition freebie of the first batch release of MG 00 Raiser. I got this from a friend. It is colored chromed green, about 1.5 times the height of a Tamiya 10ml paint and has nice embossed details. It feels like more of a badge to me than a medal. Sadly it has no strings though hahaha. Anyway, if you guys have more info about this just let me know. I can not find any on the internet so I could supply my post with more details.

Good morning!


size comparison

MG 00 Raiser Premium Medal (1)

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GN Sefer, Animerica Gundam Official Guide and MSV Collection

I finally got my pre-owned GN Sefer, Animerica Gundam Official Guide and Mobile Suit Variation (MSV) Collection. I really do not know if this was a set but according to the person who sold me this, it was indeed a set. As far as I know, the GN Sefer was free when you buy the Animerica Gundam Guide. Though I think it was a limited offer only. Many consider this a rare find. My purpose is simply to have it added to my collection and as a reference too. The MSV card details were written in Japanese but the names of the MS are in English. Anyway just let the pictures speak for themselves.



someone explained to me that the GN Sefer is not included together with the guide… Thanks “Setsuna”

Animerica Gundam oFFicial guide is veeeeeeeeeeeery old. So it didn’t ame with GN Sefer. Anyway, GN Sefer is from Hobby Japan if I’m not mistaken, and it is an add-on for the mobile suit GN-XXXX Gundam Rasiel, also a hobby magazine release by Hobby Japan,  for Sefer Rasiel (00 Raiser like MS from Gundam 00P)

some related links





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Rare & Limited Gundam Kits You Might Not Know

I never realized how many rare, limited, special, expo (and many more edition) Gundam kits Bandai have produced so far… I only know about a few rare kits like the Kunio Okawara PG RX-78, HD Hyaku Shiki, HD Zeta Karaba and a few more. But there are still a LOT out there that probably only Dalong was able to complete. Just sharing them to you guys. I was always NOT a fan of Pearl Gloss MG Wing Zero Custom… but did you know that it was a limited release available only in Asia? Please see more pictures below and maybe laugh at some of the unusual and maybe expensive Gundam ever released.

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Gunpla (Gundam) Navigation Catalog 2011 | Scanned

I Always wanted to have the Gunpla Navigation Catalog 2011 ever since I saw one. I got this one free from Toy Kingdom. They have some kind of a promo wherein when you buy any Gundam Model Kit, you are supposed to get the 2011 catalog for free. So I tried it out, I bought the 30th anniversary edition of SD RX-78. Then all I did was to present to receipt to the customer service counter and VIOLA! I have my very own Gunpla Navigation Catalog 2011. Scanned by my GF (so sweet! thanks hunnie!) then to you guys!


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Top 10 Master Grade (MG) Gundam List | June 2011

Just want to share to you guys a little list (top 10) I created about some of my favorite Master Grade Gundam model kits. I would have loved to list all of my MG kits, but to be simple let us keep it to 10 hehe. Anyway, just so you know I am only including kits that are already displayed on my cabinet… Meaning I am not including my UNBUILT kits yet since I need to have a kit reviewed first (or somehow have a feel of it) before liking it in the first place, right???

Anyway, I am writing this while at the office (don’t worry, it is break time so it is ok) so pictures 9 of the pictures are courtesy of Dalong and 1 came from HLJ. Credits to the owner of the pictures!

My Top Ten MG Gundams for June (since I started collecting Nov last year) in no particular order

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SD Freedom, Vintage Epyon and Gundam Pilot Figures

Since we were really into scouting old school kits lately, we tried to look for an old school Gundam Epyon… Luckily we found one at Toys R’ Us Robinsons Galleria. It was not on display. It was the only stock left and is in their storage. We also got an SD Strike Freedom to partner our SD Destiny. We also got some Gundam FIGURES. Yes, figures, but not of the Mecha, but the of the pilot. Also, we bought the remaining 2 haro haro coin banks.

here are some pictures. Sorry but I was too lazy to setup some lights…



Stuff we bought today

haul for the day

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