BB (SHIN) Sonshoko Gerbera Shipment Has Arrived

A few of us who wanted to have Brave Battle Warriors Sonshoko Gerbera and Shin Sonshoko Gerbera decided to combine resources and order online just to get the kit. It was so hard to find them kits here in the Philippines that is why we resorted to online purchase. One of us ordered and the rest of us just need to pay up. We saved a lot in shipping cost because all in all we bought 6 kits (3 of us have 2 SD kits). Now all that is left is to meet up. Can’t hardly wait. GF is gonna love this. 🙂


I wonder which one is the SHIN???

Brave Battle Warriors Sonshoko Gerbera and Shin Sonshoko Gerbera

thanks to my friend BZ-Bee….

9 thoughts on “BB (SHIN) Sonshoko Gerbera Shipment Has Arrived”

  1. The one on the left should be the “Shin”, but can you tell me what’s the difference between them? The Shins are 10 dollars more expensive but they just look like a re release to me.


      1. where can I buy that kind of gundam? please heel me. I need it badly 😦 for my love one.


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