Talk About A Big HT Iron Man Haul | Hot Toys

Yep, we are indeed out for a couple of weeks. Been busy with lots and lots of stuff from work and personal life. We actually decided to take a small break from anything related with toys but there is a saying that once a collector is always a collector. So here we are with what we consider an expensive haul since every one of them are 1/6 scale HOT TOYS collectibles. We already have the Iron Man MK IV with Gantry and we intend to skip MK III. So I guess it means that we are sort of complete with our Hot Toys Iron Man line. ^_^


iron man haul (1)

iron man haul (7)


iron man haul (6)iron man haul (5)iron man haul (4)

iron man haul (3)iron man haul (2)



Hope that one of these days we would be able to have some cabinet space to be able to review them!



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