Prism Freedom, Batman Hot Toys, SOC DX Mazinger Z and Solidus Snake

Hi everyone! It has been a busy November and December for me. Blog posts are really slow because of the tons of stuff I needed to do at work and in my life. But that does not stop us from getting some goodies for our toy collection! We have here some of the stuff that Santa gave us for December! NEW HAULS! hahaha! We got a couple of Batman Hot Toys figure namely the Batpod and the DX12, a Soul Of Chogokin DX Mazinger Z, a PA KAI Solidus Snake and a NERF Maverick! I would to say thank you to my friends who made getting them possible. You guys know who you are. ^__^ Thanks and Merry Xmas everyone!


dec 2012 haul  (1)

dec 2012 haul  (4)

dec 2012 haul  (7)

dec 2012 haul  (6)

dec 2012 haul  (5)

dec 2012 haul  (3)

dec 2012 haul  (2)



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