GundamPH Builders Challenge 2012!

November is finally here! We are just about two months away from our awesome GPH Christmas Party! And to spice things up! GundamPH would like to present to all of you our very own Gunpla contest dubbed as “GPH Builder’s Challenge“. Every member is invited to join the challenge! Time to show those Gunpla Building Skills that you have. Time to share your awesome works to the community. So what are you waiting for? Come and Join!


The aim of the challenge is to entice or fuel the interests of members of the group to participate in Gunpla Related Contests such as this. Not only they are improving their skills, they are also having fun at the same time. We want to show them how cool the hobby can be. ^_^

1. this is open only to members of the GPH group.
2. WIP must be recent, in other words, present something from scratch
3. first timers are VERY VERY welcome!
4. you will have to attend the GPH Xmas Party so you need to be there







So what will you get? Up for grabs are the following prizes!

  • 1st Place – MG Full Armor Unicorn
  • 2nd Place – MG Darkhoud
  • 3rd Place – HG (Set of 2)


Simple Rules of the Challenge!

  • Kits submitted must be an authentic BANDAI model kit (and nope, we don’t need a receipt to prove that ^_^)
  • Must present your entry’s box upon submission
  • Diorama or Solid kit, it’s up to you
  • Painting and Modifications are allowed
  • Entries submitted to the GBWC 2012 Philippines (or any other LOCAL contest in particular) are not allowed!
  • 1 week before the actual event, you will be asked to present a WIP of your entry via Facebook (that would be Dec 15)


Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Presentation (Details and Appearance) 20%
  • Originality     (Concept and Design) 50%
  • Technique     (Modeling skills applied) 30%


*In-depth explanation of the criteria:

  1. Presentation – Your entry will be judged by how it’s overall appearance is, the amount of detail that can be seen and how you present it (action poses FTW).
  2. Originality – Creativity and boldness comes to play for this criteria, be it concept or design. Something that the judges have yet to see or heard of, the more imaginative your entry is, the better. We are looking for ingenuity and brilliance, so think outside the box!
  3. Technique – The amount of skills applied onto the entry, be it basic or advanced, it will be judged accordingly. Ingeniousness is very much appreciated and will be taken note of. 


Entries must be brought at the Christmas Party venue for evaluation and judging.


Where: SIS Seafood Bar and Restaurant at Home Depot Ortigas

When: December 22, 2012 – 12nn onwards


That is all!





For any questions or clarifications, kindly check the GPH Group document:


Click on the link if you want to join:







2 thoughts on “GundamPH Builders Challenge 2012!”

  1. When can we sign up for this? and when should we ACTUALLY bring the entry, on Dec. 22 only? thnx 🙂 hope i could make it xD


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