Big Scale Ryuubi, 1/60 Force Impulse, MB Freedom & 1/48 Char Zaku

Promise! this is the last haul post for this month! Just want to add to our haul section the 5 items that we got. First is the biggest Sangokuden kit that we know, the big scale Ryuubi / Liu Bei. Next is the MIB 1/60 big scale Force Impulse Gundam. Followed by 1/48 Mega Size Char Zaku (with a dented box *sigh*). The small plastic packs are the 12 piece set of the limited weapons set for the regular Ryuubi Kit. And last but not the least, is the Metal Build Freedom which we already have months ago but forgot to post here.


new haul



ryuubi gundam big scale

big scale force impulse gundam

megasize char zaku ii

metal build freedom




limited weapon set for ryuubi gundamlimited weapons set sample



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