New Haul: Banshee FBV, Titanium RX-78-2, GFF Psyco MKII & More

Posting another set of goodies. We have here some decent kits. The new candidates for review are Dreadnought Gundam (MSV), Jesta Theatrical Ver., Unicorn Destroy mode Theatrical ver., MG Unicorn Banshee Final Battle Version, MG RX-78-2 Titanium finish version, SDGO Sandrock, SDGO Heavy Arms and last but not the least, GFF Metal Composite Psycho Gundam Mk-II. Looking forward to have them reviewed one of these days. ^___^


new haul august (1)


dreadnought new haul august (2)clear jesta new haul august (3)clear unicorn destroy new haul august (4)SDGO sandrock new haul august (5)SDGO heavy arms new haul august (6)new haul august (7)MG Banshee FBV new haul august (8)GFF Psyco MKII new haul august (9)


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