Bandai Namco Philippines Factory Coming Soon

I have just read a wonderful news today. Enough to make me jump out of bed despite of being sick because of the rain. Anyway, according to a news from a trusted source, Bandai Namco holdings already announced that they are going to build a factory here in the Philippines with the initial purpose of making capsule toys and figures. The company will be named Bandai (Philippines) Inc. and the headquarters will be located at the province of Batangas. Good news for us collectors here in the Philippines!



The company will be founded with 400 million Philippine pesos in capital (about US$9.6 million), and the planned factory is scheduled to begin operating next summer. Bandai Namco Holdings has already founded subsidiaries in Hong Kong, China, and Thailand.





4 thoughts on “Bandai Namco Philippines Factory Coming Soon”

  1. Great news! for the Industrial and economic sector of our country that is…. I hate to bust your bubbles guys, but having a Bandai Plant here does not entails a surefire source of lower priced kits and figs. The same with other companies existing here like (just for example) Ford, Toyota, Honda, et al that builds those cars for local sales and Exports, but do we get a cheaper deal?…NOPE… also goes with Airconditioning Units, or even simple medicines, believe me….

    Products by Bandai Philippines (if that’ll be the name) will be sent as Export, then will be reshipped back to RP with a higher tag or… their releases here will coincide with its SRP price that is seen on the barcode (in Yen)… so…. my guess is that the support the local hobby will be the thing to watch out for. Japanese companies usually gives out great supports to such things as meets, conventions and gatherings where they can promote their products…

    SO maybe we can expect hobby orgs to strut their stuff to gain attention from this soon to come company… I’m already seeing a large scale Bandai Sponsored Collector Convention on the horizon….. 😀


    1. I totally agree with you with all points bro. What I am really expecting now are big gundam related events or sponsorships as you have mentioned, like the one that happened in China. (re: RX-78-2 China version). 

      at least, its a start that they are investing here….


  2. Can anyone here help me where can I order Archangel Battleship and other battleship in Gundam Seed Series? and any idea how much? pls send me info on my email (, thanks in advance guys


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