Official GundamPH Facebook Group Launched | Come & Join Us!

Yesterday, July 21, 2012, we decided to launch the official Facebook group of Gundam Philippines. We noticed the increase in reader activity in the offical GPH Page. Therefore, the FB group was created so that readers who are actively participating in the GundamPH page can interact faster and easier as compared to the “FB Page version”. Since yesterday, already 240+ members have joined and are still counting. We are hoping more could join and share their collections, questions, ideas and friendship. What are you waiting for? Join us! ^_^



Here is an excerpt from the group info:

The official Facebook group of Gundam Philippines (forum and blog). Sharing the happiness and love that Gunpla (and other toys) bring.

Everyone is welcome to share their collection (whatever the brand), thoughts and ideas! One of the reasons this page was created was to make the interaction faster as compared to the official PAGE.

Just observe one rule! ~~~ SHARE AND ENJOY!~~~

GPH group:

GPH page:

GPH blog and forum:


The group is not restricted to Gunpla only topics, anyone can share anything as long as it is in the realm of toy collecting.

We allow that because not all of us are purely into Gunpla… Some have other collections as well (like us that has anime figures and hot toys)

Now let us rule the galaxy! haha!



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