[Photo Of The Week] – Custom Painted Zaku F2000 by “DoYzilla”

GUNDAMPH’s photo of the week series photos are selected from our GundamPH Flickr Pool. Feel free to join our group and share your awesome Gundam pictures. The group is open to anyone who wishes to share their amazing photos whether they are Model Kits or Figures as long as it is Gundam related… So share your pictures, be proud of your Gundam collection ^_^

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24rd week for our POTW series 🙂

The picture below is owned by a member of our GPH Pool — DoYzilla.  This is our first time to feature his picture here in GPH. He really is very good in painting Gundam kits and loves to take photos of them too. We are featuring his custom painted Super Custom Zaku F2000 since we always love macho-looking units like this. Looking forward for more shares from DoYzilla!



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