Divisoria Hauls: MC Anaklusmos, Nu Gundoom HWS, Gogo Hi-Nu Evo & Sleeves Action Base

We went to Divisoria earlier to visit Tommy’s toy store at Pasilyo 1V at 168 Mall to get the recently released MC Model Anaklusmos and some other stuff that would catch our attention. Well, we eventually went home with four items namely MC Anaklusmos (1300php), Nu Gundoom HWS (1000php), Gogo-TTH Hi-Nu Evo (1600php) & Sleeves Action Base (150php). I saw a lot of people there buying the Daban brand MG Epyon too. Anyway, just so you guys know, the Pasilyo 1N stall of Tommy is now closed, they are operating only at Pasilyo 1V. Hoping to start either the MC Anaklusmos or the Hi-Nu Evo review soon…

new haul anaklusmos gundoom hws hi-nu evo sleeves stand

MC anaklusmos (2)MC anaklusmos (1)

Nu Gundoom HWS (2)Nu Gundoom HWS (1)

hi nu evo gogo tt hongli (2)hi nu evo gogo tt hongli (1)

sleeves unicorn gundam stand (2)sleeves unicorn gundam stand (1)




18 thoughts on “Divisoria Hauls: MC Anaklusmos, Nu Gundoom HWS, Gogo Hi-Nu Evo & Sleeves Action Base”

      1. Yeah i totally agree with you!! Err when i was starting to collect gundam i bought mg destiny for 3500!! Grr then i realized few days after its only 2500+ in gto or wasabitoys >.< lessons learned haha im excited for your reviews n these kits soon if non bandai kits like what you have are good benchmarks 🙂


    1. sir naleoning ask ko lang po kung san ung pwesto nung shop and what floor..andun ksi ako knina and isang shop lang ung nkita kong ngbbnta ng decent gundam,..ung iba ksi ilan lang and hnd maaus..


  1. Great to see that you’re giving info about divi pricing.  Special pricing ba sayo ni Tommy yan? Last time ako pumunta tumataas ang price. Sinanju na TT Hongli from 1,300 naging 1,600 ang turing sakin. Please correct me if I’m wrong. THanks.


      1. sir do you think avail pa ung MC hi nu w/ wings of light sa divi??naghhunt ksi ako ehh..sa GTO meron kaso OP naman masyado ..pls help…


  2. i’ll definitely get one of these kits next week. kasalanan talaga to, ngayong alam ko na kung saan makaka bili 🙂


      1. Mayroon niyan sa 4th floor ng 168 mall pag akyat mo sa tabi ng escalatir..marami ka pa pagpipilian saka mas mura


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