Wishlist Toys: The Place to Buy Rare Kits and Figures Straight From Japan

I know that many of us has a wishlist of Rare Gundam Model Kits, Limited Edition Kamen Rider Figures, Old School Transformers and many more stuff. And the only place where you could probably get them is in JAPAN. Where else? The home of all the stuff we are going crazy for! Thank god there is this one place where we could go to ask help – WISHLIST TOYS! They can handle and feed our desires haha!

Wishlist Toys Rare Gundam Kits Hunter

I met them about a month ago and they are really accommodating, very nice people indeed. They can handle rare kits, figures and toys requests if coming from Japan. Originally they cater only Kamen Rider Figures, but thank God that they opened to Gundam Kits as well.

The thing is… you should only ask for RARE kits. Because it is sad that they will go to all of the trouble to locate something that is easy to find here in the Philippines.

Know more by checking out their page  —-   visit their facebook page [click here]



Got some gifts from them! ^_^ – so excited…

2010 edition

nissin cup noodles GUNDAM kits 2010


2011 edition

nissin cup noodles GUNDAM kits 2011



15 thoughts on “Wishlist Toys: The Place to Buy Rare Kits and Figures Straight From Japan”

      1. ohh..okie..anyway, mas nacurious ako kung ok pa ba ung noodle..ahaha, joke!

        galing naman,sana magkaroon din ako nyan sa sunod XD


      2. As in rare ba mga yan? Sa Japan lang ba? o meron din dito? Sa mga Duty free shops dito sa Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone..sana may maligaw lol!


  1. Wow! Parang wala ng papansin sa mga noodles…yung free kit nalang ang kukunin… Naalala ko tuloy nung bata pa ako na mga local cheese curls may mga free na super bootleg toys, tapos tapon or pakain ko lang sa aso namin yung laman 🙂


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