Gundam Pilot Figures Speech Balloon! (manga effect)

Because it is raining hard today and there is not much to do, we decided to created speech balloons for our Gundam Pilot and other related characters… We were able to create 3 haha. See for yourselves. Presenting Amuro, Char and Haro! Planning to make more soon when we feel it. GF is the one making the cardboard designs. Hehe hooray for a wonderful work by my hunnie 🙂

Just for fun!



Funny Gundam Pilot Figures (6)

Haro! which one owns you now?

Funny Gundam Pilot Figures (3)


Ok… just share Haro…

Funny Gundam Pilot Figures (4)


the 3 speech balloons we made

Funny Gundam Pilot Figures (5)


The whole cast… aw missing here the half body version of Char…

Funny Gundam Pilot Figures (7)


Say what? two Char Aznable

Funny Gundam Pilot Figures (8)


Haro means HELLO….

Funny Gundam Pilot Figures (1)



Funny Gundam Pilot Figures (2)

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