New Kits: Zeta KARABA, PG 00 Raiser and more…

Just want to share to you guys our latest haul for today. Got here a pre-owned limited edition MG Zeta Karaba version, a pre-owned MG Zeta plus C1, an unbuilt PG 00 Raiser and a few more old school 1/144 kits (to complete the old school line up). Among them, the Zeta Karaba version is the most rare. But when it comes to a good buy, the PG 00 Raiser is a lucky find since I got to get a free clear parts set! Not to mention that the 2-way stand is also included.

Hope I could make a review of the kits soon. 🙂

Here are some pictures.



old school 1/144 kits

old school gundam kits


Limited MG Zeta Karaba version

Limited MG Zeta Karaba


MG Zeta plus C1

MG Zeta plus c1


PG 00 Raiser with clear parts and 2-way stand

PG 00 raiser with 2 way stand and clear parts


the 2 Zeta(s)

C1 plus and Limited MG Zeta Karaba

Limited MG Zeta Karaba 2

MG Zeta plus C1 - 2


and this is what fascinates us the most… the lights of PG 00 Raiser’s GN Drive!

PG 00 Raiser GN Drives

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