Why I Ordered PG 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam?

Next month which is June, my PG Strike Freedom will arrive. The original plan was to buy it this coming September, but my source told me that the FREE LIGHTING BASE stock is almost out… Yeah, you got it right, I ordered it all because of the Lighting Base… So in a panic that I would not get the free base, I immediately asked my source to get it asap…

Here is a picture of the lighting base courtesy of Dalong…

PG Strike Freedom Lighting Base 2

I think it is made of a mirror like material which you usually see on girl-mirror toys…

Here is another picture with the PG strike freedom placed on top…

PG Strike Freedom Lighting Base 1


I really wanted to have this because I will use the base when taking photos of the other Gundams that I have… I am not good at modding stuff so I prefer ready-made ones…

Oh well, I am really excited for June’s shipment… Got 3 SD archives, 1/100 Nix Providence, MG Gouf Custom Gravity Front Version and PG SF…


One thought on “Why I Ordered PG 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam?”

  1. Hello sir, I wanna contact you for asking about PG Strike Freedom’s base, Could u pls give me your Email or FB for our chat? Thank you for yr kindness.


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