List of 1/60 Scale non-PG Gundam Kits and Figures

I frequently get asked this question. What are the 1/60 scale Gundam kits and figures out there that I know of? Well I could only name a few that I have sought after since 2011. I like big kits, so I made some effort to find them 1/60 scale kits even though they are not Perfect grades because they are not made into PGs which in fact makes them hard to find because they are not produced regularly or is already out of production. As far as I know, there are the HGEX (high grade EX), some MSIA (mobile suit in action), HY2M (hyper hybrid model glorious series)) and lastly a Lightning edition (strike with LEDs). Better to show photos than just names. So without further ado, on to the items.


GundamPH 1-60 scale non-PG Gundam Kits and Figures Collection List (15)


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Metal Build Destiny Gundam Preview

The next Bandai – Tamashii Metal Build Gundam has been announced. It seems that Destiny Gundam will be next in line in the MB series. We were hoping something like a Trans-Am exia or maybe Quan[t]. But it seems they will take advantage of the frame design used by MB Freedom. Well we cannot deny that Bandai really loves the Seed series more than anything else haha! So I guess we will be expecting the usual 8-9k price range, and it will be released this December 2013. Do not know yet if this is an exclusive or not….

Metal Build Gundam Destiny Preview Tamashii



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Monkey D. Luffy – P.O.P Sailing Again | Figure Review | Megahouse

We have here an unboxing review of an Excellent Model Portrait.Of.Pirates Sailing Again version – Monkey D. Luffy. This is a 1/8 scale PVC figure which is manufactured by Megahouse. This is the first POP SA figure we have opened so we really did not know what to expect. But all I can say regarding POP figures is that they do make one of the best One Piece scale figures out there. Not to mention that the figures come with several other poses. “Sailing Again” refers to the return of the Straw Hat crew after the “2 year time-skip”. By this time, Luffy already have scars on the chest, other than that he looks almost entirely the same. This figure comes with 3 facial expressions and 7 arms you can choose from. Plus you get to have a piece of MEAT that Luffy always love!



Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P Sailing Again - Figure Review - Megahouse (22)


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Haul: P.O.P Nico Robin, Mugiwara Theater Mild and MSP Goku

We would like to share some stuff that arrived today. Well, we got a lot of One Piece related stuff here. One can’t simply ignore their favorite anime haha! Below we have the recently released P.O.P Nico Robin One Piece Z edition and the whole set of the P.O.P Mild Mugiwara Theater castall 6 of them. But to break that monotony, we have the Master Stars Piece Son Goku! Hope to review them soon!


haul july (1)



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Metal Build Freedom Gundam Prism Coating Version Review | Tamashii Nation 2012

This is an unboxing review of the Tamashii Nation 2012 – Metal Build Freedom Gundam Prism Coating Version. The prism coating version is the same as the regular one – accessory and construction wise. When we say prism coating (in terms of how Bandai do it) we usually get a glossy car-like finish. Anyway, I must say that the figure excels in articulation. A lot of the armors are segmented to allow the figure to move freely, heck I was even able to make it sit like a baby. However, we did notice a lot of quality control issues. Some of the parts have scratches on them and some pieces are loose. With regards to paint on some tiny details, the colors tend to bleed or cross over to other parts. We also noticed that the clear coat turned yellow especially on those areas where the clear coat is tick. The issue is common among all types of white paint with clear coating but can be resolved easily with some known industry techniques. Perhaps they just did not pay much attention or Bandai’s Quality Assurance team in their China factory were sleeping in the job.


Metal Build Freedom Gundam Prism Coating Ver. Review Tamashii Nation 2012 (41)


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Hot Toys Iron Man 2 – Mark II Armor Unleashed Ver. Review | MMS150 Unboxing

Today we are going to have a quick review of the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 2Armor Unleashed Version. This is technically version 2.0 for the HT Mark 2. Aside from the overall figure or sculpt improvements over the first version, they added the removable armor gimmick as well. This version has the head sculpt of Don Cheadleactor who played as James Rhodes in the Iron Man 2 movie.  The set comes with a table that enables you to re-enact the scene wherein the suit was taken apart in the US military base. An overall amazing figure – color and presentation wise. Has lots of extra accessories which you can use to perhaps create the Tony Stark Mech Test Version.  It reminds me of Silver Surfer….


Hot Toys Iron Man 2 - Mk II Armor Unleashed Ver. Review MMS150 Unboxing (45)



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Max Factory Hatsune Miku VN02 Mix Figure Review | Vocaloid

We have here an unboxing review of the Hatsune Miku VN02 Mix figure, created by Max Factory distributed by GSC. We bought this figure back in 2011 for around 3700 pesos. It was released June 2010 with the price of around 12k Yen. The figure is 1/8th scale and stands around 270mm high. Overall this is a fantastic figure. The details and colors are awesome. It is not often that you get to buy a nicely done figure that comes with a free yet well made stand. The use of translucent materials for the hair and the stand is note worthy feature. It looks like the hair is glowing green when light passes through it. On with the review!


Max Factory Hatsune Miku VN02 Mix Figure Review (45)

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DX Soul Of Chogokin Mazinger Z and Jet Scrander Review

We have here a double review of 2 DX Soul of Chogokin figures namely MAZINGER Z and JET SCRANDER (they are the first DX SOC set). Mazinger Z came out 2012 Q4 and Jet Scrander on 2013 Q2. The Mazinger Z figure stands at 12 inches and has light and sound functions which can be controlled via a remote! It also comes with a HANGAR to house the figure and unused armors (think mini diorama). The quality is top notch! Bang for Buck wise, a super robot collector should not miss getting this one! What it might lack in articulation makes up for the cool gimmicks and the set as a whole. The set was meant as a display piece and not mainly for playing around. On with the review!


DX SOC Mazinger Z and Jet Scrander Review Unboxing (114)


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Metal Build 00 Gundam Seven Sword and MB 0 Raiser Review

We have here a double review of 2 Metal Build figures namely the 00 Gundam Seven Sword and the add-on pack 0 Raiser. They were released back in 2011 with 00 Gundam 7 sword at March and 0 Raiser with GN-sword III on October. These two (though released separately) were the first ever Metal Build figure made. So just after a few months the price has sky rocketed to more than 200% of the original release price. Finding one nowadays is considered difficult or too expensive. Luckily, we were able to get them both for a very cheap price.  Both of them cost us around 10500 php only. Truly a steal deal for an MIB (mint in box) set. Now, let us get into the review!  ^_^



Metal Build 00 Gundam 7 Sword and MB 0 Raiser Review Unboxing (117)

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Banpresto One Piece WCF Mega Franky Shogun Review

We have here an unboxing review of a “SUUUPPPEEERR!” amazing Banpresto One Piece Mega World Collectible Figure (WCF) namely the Franky Shogun (a.k.a General Franky) . The MEGA WCF series is bigger (14cm tall) than its regular counterpart which is WCF (7cm tall). We got it for around 900 pesos including the discount. All we could say is that bang-for-buck wise, this figure is worth the purchase. If displayed on its full width, it can reach around 24cm or 9.5 inches. This deformed version of General Franky (Shogun) was well made. By WELL we meant the proportion of the figure, the materials used and the overall paint job is good! A must have for One Piece fans, newbies and old collectors alike! ^_^


Banpresto One Piece WCF Mega Franky Shogun Review (15)


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