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IRON HIDE | Transformer | TAIKONGZHANS | Mega Size | Chinese Knock-Off

We have here today an Unboxing Review of a Mega Size Chinese Knock Off version of IRON HIDE (Transformer). The product is branded TAIKONGZHANS which I do not know if that was an attempt to translate the term TRANSFORMER into something Chinese-like. Anyway, this Mega Size IRON HIDE is the third one that they have released. It stands around 15 inches high and is wider and bulkier than the Optimus Prime version. It can also transform into vehicle mode but we won’t be covering that in this review. For more info about the OPTIMUS PRIME version kindly click on this link. Now let us move on to the review


Knock Off Mega Size Iron Hide (TAIKONGZHANS) (44)


Knock Off Mega Size Iron Hide (TAIKONGZHANS) (48)

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Nerf STAMPEDE Basic Modification Attempt

I was unable to sleep last night (technically early this morning) that I went to my computer and decided to check out NERF mods for my NERF Stampede. I found something about removing the Air Restrictor (AR), sealing plunger hole, adjusting O-rings, changing springs and using higher voltage batteries. Well, since I can not sleep, I decided to bring out my tools and try some of the modifications myself. It took me around 2 hours of messing around my NERF Stampede, and boy I was satisfied with the results. Stampede has a normal range of 20 (+/-) feet. Now  mine has around 32-35 feet range (parallel to ground firing). That is around 12-15 feet increase in range. ^_^


So here is what I did…

1. Air Restrictor (AR) removal

2. Sealed plunger hole

3. Adjusted O-rings

4. Added silicon grease to the moving parts


Still planning to do…

1. use 12v battery pack



NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (3)

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NERF Blaster | Sale (50% Off) | Unboxing | Review | Pictures

Today we are going to review some NERF Blasters namely the STAMPEDE and RAIDER. These NERF Blasters have been ON SALE for a couple of months now on almost all Toys R’ Us and Toy Kingdom branches. I never really wanted to buy one, but I have been told that this is the best time to purchase one since the dart-bullet system blasters are already in the process of being phased-out and the fact that they are sold at half the price (50% discount) makes it more interesting. So my office mates and I went to the nearest TK and TRU branches. The MAVERICK was the first NERF I was able to try, so being a lazy boy who want to just press the trigger, I went looking for the VULCAN model but it was sold-out. So I ended up with the STAMPEDE, while my GF bought the RAIDER and my officemate bought the RECON.


NERF Sale 50% Off Stampede Raider Recon Unboxing Review (79)

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Optimus Prime | Transformer | TAIKONGZHANS | Mega Size | Chinese Knock-Off

Presenting my very first Transformer! Sadly it is a China-made knock off, bootleg, KO, pirated, fake or whatever you might want to call it haha!. It can be bought for around 2800 to 3100 pesos at Divisoria depending on how good you haggle (maybe less if you are really good). But mine I got off from an item trade. I traded a Gundam model kit to get this one. Anyway, I must say that this kit is really nice! The plastic quality is good. Armor and body details are close to about 95% of the ROTF version. And last but not the least, it is about 16.5 inches high and 14 inches wide (depending on how you display it)!

(**update** You can check out the TAIKONGZHANS IRON HIDE version review here)

You might ask why I bought this? Well, I am not much of a transformer fan, but I always wanted to have one. Then what a coincidence that this came out of the market. I was going to buy the Ultimate version first, but it was like “love-at-first-sight” when we saw this maybe because it is really BIG!

We have plans to paint it, and based on our observations, it will be really easy since the parts are all big.

Below is the box it comes with. It is very big and hard to carry. That is why when I got mine, the box was already disposed off. Anyway, you will only get two major sets inside the box. First is Optimus Prime, second is the cannon which is supposedly from the DOTM version. As you can see on the box, it says ULTIMATE VERSION. But in reality it is not a DOTM U-version. The only thing included in the DOTM version is the front skirt and the cannon. PWND!

KO Transformer ROTF - DOTM Mash Up (1)
credits to the owner of the photo


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