Nerf STAMPEDE Basic Modification Attempt

I was unable to sleep last night (technically early this morning) that I went to my computer and decided to check out NERF mods for my NERF Stampede. I found something about removing the Air Restrictor (AR), sealing plunger hole, adjusting O-rings, changing springs and using higher voltage batteries. Well, since I can not sleep, I decided to bring out my tools and try some of the modifications myself. It took me around 2 hours of messing around my NERF Stampede, and boy I was satisfied with the results. Stampede has a normal range of 20 (+/-) feet. Now  mine has around 32-35 feet range (parallel to ground firing). That is around 12-15 feet increase in range. ^_^


So here is what I did…

1. Air Restrictor (AR) removal

2. Sealed plunger hole

3. Adjusted O-rings

4. Added silicon grease to the moving parts


Still planning to do…

1. use 12v battery pack



NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (3)


We need to remove a LOT of screws (see the picture below on how many screws are there)

The blaster case is basically molded in two parts (left and right case). You need not worry too much about forgetting which part to put where…

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (4)



We just need to modify this part here which is called the “Plunger Mechanism”. So when you remove this part, you can now leave the rest of the stuff alone.

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (5)



Now we just need to open this to get the Plunger itself by removing two screws on the end (indicated by arrow)

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (6)



So here is what is inside

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (7)




First thing to do is to remove the Air Restrictor (AR) to allow unrestricted air flow to the dart. Removing this requires you to have tools like a Flat screwdriver and a hammer.

You just need to remove the AR from both ends. Picture below shows only one end, I forgot the take a shot of the opposite end (sorry)

This is the longest and hardest of the tasks I did since I do not have a long flat screwdriver.

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (9)


I was finally able to remove it but there where some nubs left. They say it won’t be a problem, but grrr, I really want to remove those. I just do not have the right tools!

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (10)


This is the AR (what is left of it). You can throw it away if you want.

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (14)



Second thing I did was to cover the hole (pointed by the arrow) using the super glue and baby powder technique. You need to cover the hole in order to have better sealing of air in the Plunger chamber (meaning more dart pushing power)

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (8)



Then I added some scotch tape to the O-ring holder. I would have used electrical tape but the one I had is not sticky enough. The amount of tape to be added depends on the Plunger chamber. The goal is to make the O-ring fit the chamber as tight as possible while still allowing smooth movement (hehe). Again this is to have better air sealing in the chamber.

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (12)

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (11)




***  Now this is the important part of the MOD!!!  ***

Since we removed the AR, there is no way to soften or cushion the landing of the plunger inside the chamber. This will result in the chamber breaking easily due to wear and tear.

You need to place something like the one below. That is called bumper pads or rubber footing.

Luckily I have some on stock. You can easily purchase one since it is available on our local hardware stores and also at ACE and HANDYMAN outlets.

It is about 20mm in diameter and will fit perfectly on the plunger.

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (13)





The other mods that I can still do but chose not to add are the following:

1. Changing stock spring to heavier load springs

2. Using higher voltage batteries


I did not change the springs because I do not know where to find one anyway. Hopefully I would locate one. If you change to heavier load springs, you would gain additional range but you would definitely need to increase battery voltage since the motor needs more power to compress the heavier load (more torque).


The higher battery voltage is directly proportional to Rate of Fire. If you want a higher rate of fire (faster firing) and is using stock springs I would recommend going only to 12V (about 33% increase in voltage since 9v is the normal one).Going over that will easily shorten the life of the motor (so do that on your own risk). Me, I am planning to buy a 12v battery pack (by January) to replace those darn heavy D type batteries.


The battery and spring mods go hand in hand. ^_^







NERF Stampede Box and Contents

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (1)

NERF Stampede Basic Modification Attempt (11)




I want to modify the Nerf RAIDER next  hahah!




inspired by modworks’ project


4 thoughts on “Nerf STAMPEDE Basic Modification Attempt”

      1. Dito kasi sa amin sa Pampanga may mga contact na ka team mates na nag bebenta ng brand new at 2nd hand at may iilan din na stores. Pero alam ko sa Manila mas madami dyan. Sensya na Sir pero di ko kasi alam mga airsoft stores dyan. Pero sabi nila sa Divi meron din dyan. Itanong mo nalang. Papalitan mo ng pang airsoft spring? Hahaha! I can’t imagine kung gaano kalakas NERF gun mo pag napalitan mo hehehehe!! Pero may possibility din na agad masisira mga gears mo Sir pag pinalitan mo ng malakas na spring. Unless na lang kung bakal. Pero kung ako sayo, hwag na lang. Ok na yan Sir.


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