Gerbera Tetra Resin, AGP Schwarzer Regen & Sonshokou

New hauls that came from different sources. Special thanks to a friend for the Gerbera Tetra resin kit. Another friend for the AGP Schwarzer Regen and TRU for their random Sangokuden sale from which I got the Sonshokou Gerbera for only 275php. I will be reviewing the AGP figure soon since we are really excited to have it displayed. I have the picture of the Gerbera Tetra placed on top of the box for those who does not know what the that mobile suit looks like, hope that helps. ^_^


new haul (2)


Gerbera Tetra Resin Kit

new haul (3)


Sonshokou Gerbera

new haul (1)



AGP Schwarzer Regen

Armor Girls Project Laura Bodewig Schwarzer Regen Infinite Stratos Unboxing Review (1)


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