New Haul: SD Blitz Gundam & Guntank and Cheap Display Base

Just want to share some of the stuff we got today. We have a couple of SD kits namely SD Guntank and SD Blitz Gundam. Bought some paint as well for our future projects. A lot of Tamiya acrylic paints and 2 Bosny spray paints namely KT Gold and Flat White. Also we have managed to find an alternative SD display base. I will talk about that in detail in another post.


*UPDATE* – you can check the alternative sd gundam multi-level display base here


for now here are some pictures.

new haul august 4 2011

SD guntank

sd blitz gundam

bosny flat white and kt gold 100% gold

tamiya 10ml paints


it was on sale… 90% off  – what a deal! 🙂

Alternative SD Gundam Multi Level Display Base (2)

2 thoughts on “New Haul: SD Blitz Gundam & Guntank and Cheap Display Base”

  1. That was a cool find you got there..,especially the multi-level display base at 90% off?!!? (gave me an idea for a simple diorama base…,hehehe


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