More Old School Gundam Found at Toy Kingdom Sale

Just want to share to you guys some of the kits we got from Toy Kingdom SM MEGAMALL today. It came to our attention that some toys from TK are sold for only 200 pesos only (like an HGUC Gyan) so we tried to see if it was true. There was no mistake about it, and we ended up buying most of the stuff on sale. You can see them below.

We also got our hands on MORE old school kits such as the series 1-5 of Gundam Wing with 1995 as the manufacturing date.

Here are the pictures.


While at Toy Kingdom

Old School 1/144 Gundams

These are the stuff we bought today, including the Tieren we stumbled upon at Lil’s Hobby Shop

Old School 1/144 Gundams


Tamiya Weathering Master – from Lil’s (ang make up ng mga Gundam)

Tamiya Weathering set


Decals at 75 pesos each (planning to buy an RX-78-2 one year war soon)

75php decals


The 1/144 Gundam Wing Series (1995 make) – 399 each – not on sale!

Gundam Wing 1/144 Set


On sale Old School Sangokuden kits???  It says BBW on the box. Priced at 90-140 pesos

Old School 1/144 Gundams


Old school Gelgoog (150php) and something that looks like Acguy with tentacles which did not appear on TV (called AGGUY) (125php)

Old School 1/144 Gundams


Keroro Pirate (200php), some 1/144 weapons (100php) and a core fighter (I need to verify where it originated) (90php)

Old School 1/144 Gundams


SD F90 -175 php

Old School 1/144 Gundams


Bought this Wing Zero because the last known stock we saw at Greenhills is gone. Glad to have found one at TK priced at 1,149 php

1/100 HG Wing Zero


HG 1/144 GYAN at 200php

1/144 Gundam GYAN


I have been hunting for this kit since last month, glad to have found one at Lil’s hobby shop. Priced at 900php

HG 1/144 Tieren Taozi

HG 1/144 Tieren Taozi


Leaning tower of Gundam (with extra CAT)

Old School 1/144 Gundams


Free cat from TK! LOL

Old School 1/144 Gundams


27 thoughts on “More Old School Gundam Found at Toy Kingdom Sale”

  1. Do they have almost all of the old school kits when you went there? I like to know so that my time will not be wasted if my friend and I will go there maybe this week. Please reply as soon as you read this message. Thanks in advance. (^_^)


    1. well for now they hid the boxes because of the exhibit… but sorry bro, i think only around 6 types of old school kits  were left… not so many to be seen there for now… everybody is waiting for the possibility of a restock… will post it in my blog if ever there will be another batch….


  2. sheeeeeett!!!!! tumatayo yung balahibo ko habang tinitingnan ko yung gundam wing unit 01!!!! Lord, sana may abutan pa ko sa MOA!!!


  3. Sir/Ma’am, ‘yung 1/144 Gundam Wing Series (1995), ito po ba ‘yung made in rubber?
    Naghahanap po kasi ako nito. Meron po ako nung first five models pero nawala dahil sa Ondoy.
    Anyway, thanks po for sharing this (your collection). Five stars, Two thumbs up! 🙂


  4. review nman about sa mga 1/144 Gundam Wing Series (1995 make) para makita quality ng oldies pati sana yung mga ols sengoku sb’s


  5. The 3rd kit shown along with the 1/144 weapons and Keroro Pirate is the Core Booster. It was featured on the later episodes of the original Gundam series during the Federation offensive towards Solomon and A Baoa Qu after the fall of Odessa.


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