The “Never-Get-Hooked-With-Anime-Or-Else” Haul

We know that it is a very bad sign for us to get hooked with the anime that we are watching. Why??? Getting hooked means you will get interested in whatever merchandise regarding the anime is out there which leads you to spend money or go into an impulsive shopping spree! Damn right! So here is the result of watching Gurren Lagann and Danball Senki W (LBX). To top that, we are also getting engaged in buying D-Arts Rockman (Megaman) figures. Baaah! we are happy, it is just that the wallet is crying… Back to eating instant noodles again… T_T


Feb Haul part 2 (1)


ultimate madoka

Feb Haul part 2 (2)



Super Robot Chogokin Gurren Lagann with Drill Set of Manliness

Feb Haul part 2 (3)



Bandai Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann

Feb Haul part 2 (4)


 Mini Hoi hoi with Cart

Feb Haul part 2 (5)



D-ARTS Megaman and Dash

D-ARTS Full Armor Megaman

Feb Haul part 2 (6)




BB 200 SD RX-78-2 with inner frame / removable armors

Feb Haul part 2 (7)




Insane BRS Nendoroid

Feb Haul part 2 (8)





Diablo Mini Tyrael – BlizzCon 2011 Collectible

Feb Haul part 2 (9)



LBX paradise capture set

Feb Haul part 2 (10)





Giant Yotsuba and Danboard

Feb Haul part 2 (11)

Feb Haul part 2 (12)




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