Pros and Cons Review of Tamiya Spray-Work (Basic Air Compressor with Airbrush)

Somebody asked this question in a forum I frequently visit. And since I already answered it, might as well share it with everyone else. Well, here in the Philippines, Tamiya Spray-Work (Basic Air Compressor with Airbrush) can be bought from Lil’s Hobby Shop since they are the official distributor of Tamiya products here in the Philippines. I bought mine at SM Megamall branch. Without further ado, here is the PROS and CONS review.

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Simple mechanism since it is single action, just need to push the trigger.

Really easy to clean (the part I like the most)

Really Good for beginners  (as suggested in Mechapinoy by pro-modellers)

Portable and light weight, can run on batteries so it is easy to use anywhere

Comes with stand

Gravity-fed (paint container is on top)

Smooth 15 psi output (Tamiya website states 20 liters per minute – can anyone convert this to be sure)

Do not have moist air supply problems like compressor with tanks have

Easy to setup (no moisture traps, valves, etc)

Easy to find replacement parts as well (Lil’s Hobby Shop is the official distributor)




Needs a 7.2v supply which is not common, you can buy tamiya battery, but I have purchased a 7.2v power supply for 900 pesos.

Cannot do fine lines (but we do not really need that in gundam since we can mask the parts)

Linear air supply which means compressor motor always need to run to provide air supply.

Cannot be used continuously for long periods, meaning you have to let the compressor motor rest. for me, I always let it run for 15-20mins then I pause for another 15-20mins. it lengthens the motor life.


For more questions (or if you want to add something) please feel free to post them below.

  • dib

    Hi! guys, kung kaya niyo maglabas ng 4k, saktong amount na yun for a single action airbrush na HIGH QUALITY (fine detail work, long lasting and durable). Ang top brands tlga pagdating sa airbrush ay Iwata, Paasche, at Badger. Best not to mess with other brands (aka gawang China) because they have this plastic part sa nozzle that wears off easily (by “easily”, I mean, agad-agad) or nmn matutunaw ng matapang na paint. They call that the “O-ring”. These top brands don’t have said “O-ring” in the nozzle. Located siya elsewhere.

    I dunno about Tamiya but I guess since Japanese brand siya, the quality must be good. There’s this thing about Tamiya being some sort of sister company of Iwata. I dunno. Don’t take my word for it.

    Here’s an airbrush that I want to have, though:

    Wala ko pera pero eto bibilhin ko one day. Similar mechanisms with the Tamiya pero sa ganitong airbrush, pwede mo i-adjust ang paint flow by the twist of the screw at the back. I just think you have more options that way. With the Tamiya, may certain settings lang na pwede. Walang fine tuning kumbaga. Tama ba? Assuming lang ako.

    Nga pala, di mo kailangan ng double-action airbrush. Mabusisi yun at di mo kailangan kaya kalimutan mo na siya. Hehe..

    Hmm… since plastic yung hose ng Tamiya, I’m guessing di mataas ang air pressure na kaya niya. Ok lng siguro since for miniatures at model kits lng naman. What bothers me is the plastic hose going inside the handle and on to the nozzle. Kasi baka matusok ng needle pag sinuksok pero kung careful ka siguro, wala problema yun (unless gusto mo talaga tusukin on purpose).

    Pero yun nga, this Tamiya Basic Airbrush with compressor is a deal. I don’t see hobbyist and modelers saying anything against it so it is worth your money and good for beginners.

    Lastly, some places to buy these other babies I’ve been bragging about: – already mentioned. They sell Badger. From Baguio ako so downside yung wala silang option to ship from outside Manila. – Deovir Arts. So many branches in Manila. They have Badger AND Badger spare parts. No air compressor though. Maganda dito may options to ship outside Manila at Php250 shipping fee. Mamasahe ka pa ba? (Definitely on top of my list) – Do It Marketing Co. based from Cebu. They sell Paasche airbrushes AND sparts and their own line of paints. It probably helps that they have people expert on the subject of airbrushing kaya pede humingi ng tips (siguro). – Galleon Trading. In Mandaluyong. Sells Iwata pero Dual Action lang. Closest you can get to an Iwata. They do shipping.

    —Wala pa ako airbrush. I just know a thing or two about it. Pero eto pag-iipunan ko kesa iphone or tablet or kung ano mang usong gadget ngayon.—

  • Rapsu

    sir, dapat ba eh magismula muna ako sa pag-gamit ng spray cans o rekta na sa airbrushing?

  • vhanhouten

    ask ko lang if saan pwede mag pa-repair ng tamiya spray-work compressor…nabili ko kasi to nung 2008 sa lil’s megamall…medyo humina kasi yung air pressure nya kaya binuksan ko,tapos nakita ko na punit na yung diaphragm nya sa loob…may nabibili ba na replacement nito oh kailangan na i-replace as a whole?sayang naman kasi yung motor nya…ask ko na rin if ano pa yung available replacement part pra sa compressor at airbrush…bent na kaso ung needle ko..thanks a lot sa my kasagutan.

    • naleoning

      bro, if may time ka, visit ka sa lil’s hobby shop sa sm megamall… official distributor sila at may replacement parts…

      • vhanhouten

        tnx a lot bro!!!sa uulitin po..

  • Jettomann

    I have this one, but just yesterday while i was painting, the sound of the moter changed and turned a bit noisy. The air supply is still active but not as strong as before(still usable) the noise occurred. What do you think happened?? What can you suggest?

    • naleoning

      must be that one of the pins was pulled out from the assembly… do not use it… i suggest open it up yourself since it is really easy to fix. Just put back the metal pin back to its original place…

      • Z

        Hi, mine has the same problem and I brought it back to Lil’s to have it fixed for free. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Is there any way of avoiding it? Or is it a normal occurrence with this model?

  • Rizal

    Hi. A quick question. Is it compatible with other airbrush by tamiya or any brand for that matter. Thanks!

    • naleoning

      i am not sure for double action airbrushes… but I am only sure that it will work fine with other single action brushes…

  • Sniperdeath69

    Sir, san pwede bumili nung 7.2 V adapter/converter para dito? nakabili kasi ako nito at 5k flat sa harizon plaza not knowing mas mura pala sa lil’s (sayang ang 250 T_T) pero anyways, san nakakabili nung power supply nya? thanks and salamat sa pagreview nito sir :D

    • naleoning

      ung sa akin nabili ko sa lil’s mega ng 750 ata…. pero pwede ka bumili nung adjustable version sa mga electronic shops.. ung kay lil’s kasi eh i plug mo sa battery socket… pero ung adjustable eh i plug mo sa side, ung parang charger lang ng cellphone

      • Sniperdeath69

        sang electronic shops sir?? kasi tinignan ko dito sa rob eh wala silang 7.2, nasa 7.5 na ung pinaka malapit. any ideas sir?? salamat sa pag reply :D

        • naleoning

          hmmm ganun ba… kala ko may 7.2V sila…di na kasi ako naghanap kasi nung adjustable since meron na ako nung galing sa Lil’s… maganda sana ung adjustable para magamit mo pa sa ibang bagay…  kung may makita ka lang sana na ung fine control… ung tipong parang volume control ung voltage adjustment…

          • Sniperdeath69

            ah ganun po ba, may mga nakita din ako na me parang ganun kaso nasa 1.5k pataas na ung presyo, hehe, so 700 php sa lil’s megamall na lang siguro, ibebenta po ba kaya nila yun ng separate lang?? thanks ulit sir :D

          • naleoning

            oo alam ko pwede mo bilhin ng hiwalay

          • Sniperdeath69

            sige sir. salamat ng marami, prepare na lang ako ng 700 for that charger. thanks ulit and more power to your modeling career :D

  • Christian Hilario

    Sir correction lang po. All compressors have moist air supply problems, hindi lang yun may tank. Kaya po recommended na may water trap ang compressor para hindi magkatubig yun hose.

    Tapos CON po ang walang air pressure valve dahil laging full blast ang air na lumalabas at madaling mgpool or mgrurun ang paint kung di maingat. Proper thinning is essential since hindi macontrol ang air pressure.

    CON din po ang walang tank dahil magkaka-air pulsation. It’s not a big deal since hindi nmn fine detailing ang gagawin pero its worth mentioning for info purpose.

    At prone to overheating din po ang ganitong type ng compressor kaya hindi pwde gamitin ng matagalan as you mentioned. I’m not sure about this specific compressor pero very noisy po ang ganitong type ng compressor kaya dapat prepared for that ang user.

    Thank you poh.

    • naleoning

      thanks Christian for the inputs. It is nice to have another input coming from another airbrush user ^_^

      you are right na lahat may problem sa moisture, pero in this particular model halos wala. meron siguro pag sobrang tagal na ginagamit pero in this case hindi mo sya magagamit ng matagal kasi umiinit nga sya.

      mahina lang talaga hangin nito… 15psi lang so ung pressure valve eh hindi na nila pinasok sa design IMHO

      yep worried din ako sa air pulsation, pero nakita ko na internals nito ang 2 ang diaphargm nito na palitan sa pag pump ng hangin, I think that is to compensate sa pulsation problem

      yep prone to over heating

      ito na ung new version ng Tamiya sprayworks… Tahimik na sya, mas tahimik sa kawasaki na air compressor. Yep I know of the old version na maingay like many have told me… pero redesigned  na ito.

      thanks din sa info, at least we could exchange points of views… 

      • Christian Hilario

        Good to hear na reliable naman pala yun compressor. Hindi kasi basta-basta ang matuto gumamit ng airbrush. Kahit seryoso ka, kung failing ang equipment, di ka lang mababadtrip, mgsasayang ka pa ng pera. And in the end kung talagang gus2 mo maging airbrush artist after using a beginners kit, you can always get what the big boys play with.
        Based kasi sa experience ko after using a diaphragm compressor, very frustrating sometimes. Lalo na yun short use and rest cycle nya at ang noise. Kaya after one month bumili na talaga ako ng compressor with tank. But I’m aiming to do murals and graphics kaya I really need a good airbrush and compressor. For beginners, according sa explanation mo, mukhang enough na to to make customs painted kits without spending too much. And I have to admit, when you get the hang of airbrushing, nakakadik, kahit ano gusto lagyang ng custom design. hehehehe..

        • naleoning

          yep pang beginner talaga ito… so tama pala ung iniisip ko na to go with a compressor na may tanke… kasi ung sinasabi nila na kawasaki compressor eh nag dadalawang isip pa ako… eh nag canvas ako ka presyo lang niya ung mga 2 HP compressors na may tanke. kawasaki = 4k… 2 HP motor with tank = 3.5k

          I agree sau about nakakaadik haha

          • Christian Hilario

            Wow, really. That’s a very good price for a compressor with tank. Once you get the most out of your current airbrush setup and feel like you need an upgrade, I’d recommend that. Then get a dual-action gravity feed. Kaso medyo mahal na yun at invested ka na talaga sa airbushing. But even if you upgrade, keep the Tamiya airbrush. It’s good for painting large surface areas with one color. I have one with the same design pero dual action. It really shortens the time it takes for me to spray primer and base coats. Tapos yun shading at finishing coats, detail airbrush and gamit. Different airbrushes for different jobs. Kaya it gets expensive the more you get into it. hehehe…

          • naleoning

            yuh haha thanks for the warning… ang dami na nagsabi and it is true na madami nga kailangan…

  • Gundamconx1234

    it’s only had the output of 15 PSI not 20

    • naleoning

      it says on the tamiya website
      Maximum air-pressure: approx. 0.11Mpa (approx. 1.1kgf/) Maximum air output: 20 liters per minute (unburdened)I wonder how can we convert that to PSIanyway – I will change that to 15-20 psi to be sure ^_^

  • Anonymous

    Musta naman yung performance niya so far?

    I’m planning to buy an airbrush kit and a compressor soon. Would you recommend this item or should I opt in buying a more expensive route? Mga 1/144 scale model kits lang mostly yung paggagamitan ko nito.

    • naleoning

      I would recommend this.. sobrang user friendly lalo na pag beginner ka pa…

  • Lifeforce17

    Bro, how much mo nabili?

    • naleoning

      4850 ung tamiya sprayworks (Airbrush + Compressor)

      then add ka 900 pesos para sa power supply na 7.2V….
      lahat sa Lil’s Hobby Shop ko nabili….

      • Lifeforce17

        Ok, thanks for the info.